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Due to the pandemic, students have their classes online, and young professionals work from home. Students pass their modules, projects, and modules via e-mails, same with young professionals who work from home; they send application forms, tasks, and paperwork via email as well. And for the receiver to have no problems accessing the files they received, it’d be better if they receive it as PDF, and there are ways you can convert your files to PDF.

GogoPDF offers the service of converting your files and documents into PDFs with so much ease and convenience. Whether your files and documents are in Word, Excel, JPG, or PPT format, you can convert them into PDF quickly and easily. Just upload your file and let GoGoPDF do the rest. You don’t have to register to make use of their service, and it’s 100% free.

GogoPDF’s Word To PDF Online Converter Tool

Resumes, CVs, and other related paperwork; the list of these files that we send or receive as PDF is almost never-ending. Most people prefer their files and documents in PDF because PDF files are universal; PDF files can be accessed anywhere. PDF files also retain the integrity of the initial formatting of the file. You don’t have to brood about the contents of your file because it will be exactly what it is when converted Word to PDF; you can rest easy about it.

GogoPDF offers the conversion of your Word file into PDF quickly and easily. To start the conversion, you need to upload your Word file into the conversion box. After the upload, GogoPDF will begin the conversion process right away. You can wait for a while for the process bar to finish. After the process bar finishes, you can now download and save your newly coveted PDF file on your device. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3, right?

GogoPDF’s Excel to PDF Online Converter Tool

Data has power; therefore, data is power. But if you present or interpret your data in an unorganized way, the audience might not understand it. It wouldn’t be effective that way. This is where apps like Excel spreadsheets save the day. Excel has helped us unlock the potential of presenting data through tables, graphs, and charts. Sadly, even spreadsheets have certain limitations, but we can ignore them if we convert Excel spreadsheets into PDF files.

With the help of GogoPDF’s Excel to PDF online converter tool, you can diminish the limitation of Excel spreadsheets. This way, it’d be more readable and understandable. You can start converting as soon as you upload the Excel spreadsheet into the conversion box. After the upload, GogoPDF will start converting right away. The conversion process might take a few minutes, but you can already download and save the newly converted PDF file after it finishes.

GogoPDF’s PPT To PDF Online Converter Tool

Presentations play a huge part in our day-to-day lives. Whether at school, workplace, or even at home, we use presentations. Creating presentations can be made easier with the right tool or software, and out of every one of them, Powerpoint is the best ever. The only disadvantage of Powerpoint slides is their file size. If you’re sending them via email, you’ll have to convert them into PDF, and that’s where GogoPDF’s PPT to PDF online converter tool comes to play.

You can convert PPT into PDF with GogoPDF’s PPT to PDF online converter tool with so much ease. You can start converting by uploading your PPT slides into the conversion box. After uploading your file, GogoPDF will begin the conversion right away. The conversion takes a while, but you can download and save the newly converted PDF file after the process bar finishes.

GogoPDF’s JPG To PDF Online Converter Tool

GogoPDF’s JPG to PDF online converter tool assists you in organizing your messy and all-over-the-place photo library. This online converter tool helps you combine multiple photos into one PDF file, automatically optimizing, enhancing, rescaling, and rotating images while retaining the initial file’s original resolution. With this tool, you can refrain from having too many pictures just scattered anywhere. 

You can start the conversion when you upload your image files to the conversion box. If you have too many pictures to convert, the converter tool has this drag and drop so that you won’t be hassled manually uploading the images. After the upload, you can choose from the options available. After selecting the options, the conversion takes place right away. After the process bar finishes, you can now download and save your newly converted PDF file.


Whether you’re still studying, working, or just being at home, these online converter tools come in handy these days. You can take off huge amounts of workload when you’re having trouble converting your files into PDF. Try these converter tools for free now.

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