Discover the 7 Main Reasons to Create an Application for Your Company

Smartphone apps are part of consumers’ lives, whether it’s receiving an ad on the social media app, placing an order through the delivery app, requesting an app driver, or shopping at your favorite stores.

However, does every company or e-commerce need to have its own application? To answer this question, we have listed 7 reasons to create an app for your business. That way, you’ll get to know the advantages and features of an app and be able to decide on investing in this technology.

Mobile represents 63% of national e-commerce conversions:

First, you need to know the numbers of mobile device usage and shopping apps – and understand why this market is an excellent opportunity.

Currently, there are more than 227.3 million cell phones in Pakistan ( Teleco data – Aug/2020). There are millions of people connected with various types of applications for about 3:40 hours a day (the average time Pakistani spend on their cell phones, according to a report by consultancy App Annie).

In addition, according to Criteo Global Commerce Review:

  • 27% of online sales registered in Pakistan were made with apps;
  • 63% of conversions obtained by national e-commerce were made via mobile internet;

Likewise, Liftoff’s Shopping Apps Report 2020 reports that the growth of in-app purchases is 5x higher compared to sales in physical stores.

So this data shows that apps are a growing market. And if you want to create an application for your company, there are several technology solutions for each reality.

7 Reasons To Create An App For Your Company:

Below, check out our list of the top 7 reasons to invest in creating your own business app:

  1. Mobile is the most used channel
  2. Your business features in one place
  3. Mobile-only features
  4. Proximity to the customer
  5. direct marketing channel
  6. Customer loyalty
  7. Easier shopping experience

1 – Mobile is the most used channel:

According to a CNDL survey, 86% of consumers have made online purchases in the last year. Of that total, 67% used their smartphone to complete a purchase. Therefore, we know that more than half of online customers experience some mobile device experience along the purchase journey. That’s why it’s so important to invest in mobile sales channels since most customers are present on these platforms.

2 – The main features of your business in one place:

Whatever your business model, you can create an application with the technology solutions your company needs. For e-commerce, the customer can easily place an order through the app. In addition, it is possible to search for the product, add to cart, checkout, make payments and evaluate the purchase. When it comes to online dealings, then al jalil garden and taj residencia Islamabad also offer online bookings for the convenience of the people. All you have to do is contact the management.

On the other hand, restaurants and bars can also have applications with reservation systems, advance ordering, and delivery. Even service providers can take advantage of an app with an appointment scheduling system, for example, and payment features.

3 – Offer exclusive functions for the mobile experience:

By creating a unique app for your store or business, you can offer mobile-specific functions! See some examples below:

  • Button to share on social networks
  • GPS – create the route to the address in a few taps
  • Click-to-call, also known as click-to-call, makes calling your business much easier

4 – Be in constant contact with your customer:

Many types of research show that people spend several hours of their day connected to smartphones. Therefore, when creating an application for your company, you ensure greater proximity to the consumer. After all, having a store’s app downloaded on your cell phone facilitates access to products and services, strengthening brand memory.

5 – Direct marketing channel with push notifications:

Through push notifications, your store app can notify the customer of new promotions and offers in real-time.

This way, you can promote your store’s campaigns to users who download the app quickly and efficiently. In addition, the application makes the purchase process more agile and therefore can strengthen sales.

6 – Build customer loyalty with an exclusive incentive and discount program:

To stimulate consumer activity through your app, you can offer exclusive conditions. This condition could be an app-specific discount coupon, for example, or a loyalty program with points and rewards accrual.

These strategies can help build customer loyalty, combined with gamification techniques that make the experience of using the application even more pleasant.

7 – A unique shopping experience: easy, affordable, and fast:

Finally, we need to highlight the practicality of in-app purchases. After all, it takes just a few taps to get to know the company, obtain information, choose products or services and place an order.

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Through the app, your customers can solve their doubts and find what they need much more quickly. That is, by providing ease of purchase, the customer will associate a positive experience with the name of your brand. All this will reflect on consumer satisfaction and the image of your company before the public.

What is the difference between an app and a mobile site?

First of all, it is important to clarify that there are two main ways for a consumer to contact your company via cell phone. He can access your website in the mobile version or download the app. So, let’s clarify the differences between these two mobile experiences here:

Responsive website or mobile version:

The mobile site is the version of your virtual store or institutional site that is adapted for access by mobile devices. This version can be responsive; that is, it automatically adapts to the screen size. But it can also be a version programmed exclusively for mobile access, with some differences from computer access.


The application is software that must be downloaded and installed by the user on their smartphone. Therefore, it is a system that offers different types of interaction, reduces the use of mobile data, and provides an optimized experience.

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