How To Create Backlinks For More Traffic

If a website links to your page, it is called a backlink. Quite a simple concept, but you cannot underestimate the value of backlinks for SEO. For search engines, backlinks are an essential indicator of the authority of your site and the value of information there.

We will help you grasp the concept of a quality backlink profile. Discover the best techniques to create backlinks that will work for you.

Understanding Backlinks

For the last few years, SEO specialists have been arguing about what matters more: the quality or the number of backlinks. Basically, you need to look for the golden mean in this regard and consider both aspects while building your backlink profile.

The right number of links and the quality of the linking website are not the only factors of a productive link building campaign. You need to go deeper and learn different types of website backlinks. Among them are dofollow and nofollow links.

Dofollow backlinks affect your ranking directly, as they are taken into account by search engine algorithms while estimating your website. However, it does not devalue nofollow links. A well-thought and balanced backlink profile implies both types and thus produces the greatest outcomes.

6 Ways To Build Backlinks That Work

1. Keep Up Quality Standards

Link building trends come and go, various strategies gain and lose their relevance. One thing that remains steady is the standard of quality content. It should be the foundation of your marketing and promotion campaign in general.

Conventional wisdom says people link only to pages with a piece of valuable and engaging content. Today, this means to have a convenient design and intuitive interface, a quality visual component, alluring infographics, and so on. Work on that and make your content worth linking to.

2. Focus On Comprehensive Guides

For a stable inflow of fresh and quality Google traffic, you need to create content that hits the nail on the head. Ultimate all-inclusive in-depth guides and tutorials are what you need here. They will attract links from people that want to refer to high-quality, comprehensive resources that do not lose their relevance.

Not only the content itself but also its length makes ultimate guides a win-win decision for you. The human mind is tricky and ambiguous. We think that it tends to grasp information superficially and prefers short-form content. But statistics say exactly the opposite: posts over 2500 words attract the most links, shares, and organic traffic.

3. Have Evergreen Content At Hand

Comprehensive resources can also be considered as a kind of evergreen content. They cover as many details of a topic as possible, which makes them relevant for a long time. That is exactly what evergreen content implies.

Website and blog owners appreciate this kind of information, as it has long-term value for their own resources. To ensure the steadiness of new backlinks and guarantee their great number and high quality, you need to have a library of content that exists beyond time and trends.

4. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks manually. This is the form of content exchange when you create a piece of content that would be interesting and valuable for readers of the target blog. There you can place a backlink in the best possible place.

Remember that guest posts are not promotional.

You need to put a backlink in the context of an informative post but not as a focal point of the whole article. Guest posts are a great source of dofollow links, and you can even delegate this work to a guest posting service. Find more here about guest posting for building backlinks.

5. Put Broken Links To Good Use

Sometimes a website rebrands or no longer exists. Or it has features that are no longer active. The links to such pages are called broken links. For the owner of a linking website, it can be loss-making, as it negatively affects its ranking.

If you find such a link, you can contact the publisher and inform him or her about it. Offer the author to replace a broken link in his post with a link to your website. It is a free way to build backlinks for your website, and in this case, both you and the linking website will win.

6. Convert Mentions Into Links

Some bloggers and site owners can sometimes mention you or your brand in their posts without linking to your page. That happens all the time, and once you see such an “unlinked brand mention”, you can take advantage of it.

Try to contact the author of the post and ask him or her to insert a link to your website instead of a simple mention. It will most likely not be an issue for them, as they already like you and appreciate your work (they mentioned you for a reason!).

Final Thoughts

Among dozens of link-building methods and techniques, these are considered to be the most effective at the moment. Combine them to get the most out of your campaign right now. However, the world of digital marketing never stops evolving. For excellent results, in the long run, remember to keep up with up-to-date trends in link building and never cease to learn more!

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