How to develop Android apps using an Android app maker

In this post I am going to discuss how to develop Android apps without any coding skills. That sounds impossible, right? Well, I actually it is possible! Even if you don’t know what Java is and the term Android SDK leaves you confused, you will still be able to make your own little Android masterpiece…

One way to make your own app is to hire an Android app development company or a freelancer. This is the route to take if you have very exact wishes about what the app should look like and what it should be able to do. If  you can afford to hire someone, then that may be the best way to produce a great app!

However, if you just want some basic functionality like displaying and searching your blog/website or posting to a social media site, then app developer software can probably do the trick.

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So how does it work? Most app builders consist of online software but there are also some that run on your computer. They range from completely free services to ones that charge a premium and everything in between.

Typically, the software uses a “wizard” to guide you through the process of designing the app. You can choose different color and layout templates and several functions for the app. After you have made all the selections, you hit a button and the program produces your app! Most will even publish the app to the Google Play Store.

Like I said, these programs offer basic app functionality. Some offer more design options and functions than others but usually these come at a price. If you want a more specific or advanced design you still have to learn to code yourself or get someone to do it for you.

However, as more and more of these “template driven” Android app builder programs hit the market, expect them to become more sophisticated so I guess things will be getting better and better for aspiring app guru’s with no coding skills!

There are already a lot of different android app builder products out there so which one should you choose? Below is the list of Android App makers, you could choose any of them to start building an app right away!

Best Android App Maker online

So, get cracking at building apps using an Android app maker and keep me posted on the results!

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