Developing Poker Apps: The new direction

Since mobile phones provide most of the entertainment to people through their immense libraries of apps, it is only natural that many would want to develop one of their own. Paired with the popularity of the gambling industry and specifically, poker fits in as the perfect match.  But developing an app may not be as easy as it seems. In fact, it is quite a challenging and expensive process that will require a solid team of developers to be done quickly. While it is possible to do this by yourself for a much lower price since you don’t have to pay workers, doing it with a team is advised.

The first step for creating a poker app should of course be getting familiar with poker as a game. This means learning all the intricate details, which you can learn by reading a complete guide about poker hands and other informational media. It would be best if you are an experienced player of poker, especially online poker. This would make you familiar with the space and give you the best insight into what players want since you are one.

Is it too late to develop a Poker App?

Since the market already has many great poker apps it is a common consensus that it is too late to develop a new one. But there is always room for a new and innovative idea that will enable people to continue their hobby online. There are many ways you can go about when developing a mobile poker app. From choosing a specific theme to build the game around or integrating a new feature or twist into the game. Just make sure to keep the feeling of the original game so that no matter what it is still poker.

With the boundless potential of the online poker industry, a unique and refreshing take as well as a sold app that showcases the fundamentals can work out well. The space sees more than 100 million people all around the world that play poker daily. Mainly due to the fan’s love of the game and the fact that it is more profitable thanks to its in-person variant. Additionally, poker apps grant users an easier way of learning by playing the game.

How much would Developing a Poker App cost?

The cost of developing a mobile poker app depends on a plethora of reasons and variables depending on the choices you make. A rough but reasonable estimate that includes the basic features in the development of a poker app would be anywhere from 40.000 to 70.000 U.S: dollars. In extreme cases where the project is full of new technology and features the cost may even exceed this.

There are many factors that affect the cost of making a poker app and it is important to be familiar with them. The first and most important part is the User Interface, the main hub, and the way players will interact with your poker app. It is important that the experience is thrilling and matches its in-person counterparts while focusing on a smooth player experience. Additionally, high-quality images and sounds can further enhance this. This step is easily the most expensive and will put you back anywhere from 15.000 to 25.000 U.S. dollars.

The rest of the expenses depend on the features you plan to implement with each carrying its distinct price. Live chat and instant messaging are popular features that many poker apps include, they usually cost about 10.000 U.S. dollars to implement. While features such as setting up good social media accounts and advertising are about 1.000 per social media account. Lastly, security and other features usually fill the rest of the estimated cost.

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