Differences Between Social Casino Apps and Real Money Casino Apps

We have a fantastic selection of mobile casinos from which to choose and many of these can be installed on a mobile device using applications. Thanks to the development of smartphones and tablets, it is now possible to install and begin playing a mobile casino app in a matter of seconds. However, you have a choice to make when playing mobile casino games and you can choose between social casino apps and real money casino apps. The question is, what are the differences between social casino apps and real money casino apps?

What’s the difference?

Perhaps the most obvious difference between social casino apps and real money casino apps is the use of money. Real money casinos requires you to deposit your own funds to begin playing the games. This means it is possible to win real money and make a nice profit when playing games on a real money casino app but there is also a chance of losing money.

There is a financial risk involved when using real money casino apps but that is not the case when using social casino apps. All the games available on a social casino app are free to use. However, if you land a big win on a game when using a social casino app, you will not actually win the money, it is just for fun. On the other hand, if you play social casino games for a few hours and do not win a thing, it does not matter because you have not used any of your own funds.

Real money makes a difference

Real money casino apps cannot operate legally without a license. This is not always easy to obtain and there is a possibility some real money casino apps have not obtained the necessary licensing to offer their services in your country. Social casino apps do not have this problem because they are not asking players to deposit their own funds.

Therefore, if a specific game on a social casino app is not particularly fair, it does not really matter but if that is the case with a game on a real casino app, you have a problem. Licensing is one of the major differences between social casino apps and real money casino apps.

When using social casino apps, it is possible to enjoy playing games with your friends. By using social media accounts linked to a social casino app, you can get together and play casino games without having to worry about the amount of money you can each afford to play the game. It is also possible to play against friends when using real money casino apps but each player must use their own funds to join the game.

Not only could this severely restrict the number of people who are able to play the game but it can also lead to problems between friends, especially if someone wins big and leaves another player seriously out of pocket. However, for those who can agree on the size of the pot before playing, real money casino apps can be a great way to bet among friends.

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