Do People Still Hook Up Through Chat Rooms?

The term hookup has vastly been readjusted over the past decade, especially online. Hooking up online can potentially mean many different things; however, the term boils down to meeting up with whomever you find within your liking. This interaction is agreed upon either by physical communication, over the phone and yes, even over the internet, chat rooms, to say the least!

Engaging in the act of looking for a hookup online can go one of two ways, it could work out to one’s advantage and things go as planned or it could end disastrous and leave you sent home unsatisfied. When looking for a hookup online, it is always best to fully communicate the objective of meeting up, whether that be for a date, to meet one another and simply hang out, or to land a one-night stand.

Speaking with bluntness and communicating the outcome can do you justice when knowing how to present yourself once the “hook up” takes place. Some may disagree that hooking up with people is downright forbidden, however, in this day and age, hooking up seems to now be the new thing with all generations. The dilemma of the word has drastically come down to the way one perceives the term “hook up”.

Hooking up has been made a bit easier by telephone companies that create new dating apps every few years. Even though, it is not always guaranteed that you will find someone to your liking on the internet. To have a higher success rate of finding that individual there would have to be a large number of people interested in the dating apps.

Strategically, dating apps have become so diverse there is almost a dating app for every gender, straight, pansexual, and LGBTQ community out there. People all over the world have at least once invested their time within these apps and in doing so, the increase for a hookup could be easily accessed by simply downloading a dating app.

However, the same agenda goes hand in hand when communicating fluently with the opposing person as to what you are looking for and/ or would like to take part in. The more options there are, the greater chance you have of succeeding with someone that is on the same page as you.

A plus to making the decision easier would be finding apps that are specifically designed to make the decisions for you by linking you together with others that have the same interests as you. A few of those apps to look into for the causal hookup would be the following. If you want more detail on these, check out this publication from the Dallas Observer:


  • Grindr launched in 2009 specifically for gay, bi, trans, and queer people.
  • The Pros: Allows local interaction with people near you, profiles are detailed in looking for what one is looking for and there are millions of the LGBTQ community invested in the app.
  • The Cons: Locations may be far, and only in certain areas due to the LGBTQ community being in certain areas and the profiles may be upfront and vivid as to what they are seeking.


  • Bumble has been designed where the women take the first approach opposing to a guy making the first advancement. This technique allows women to have the decision over who they are interested in and who they would like to be interested in them.
  • The Pros: Swiping is a feature made to allow for easy deciding, video call is enabled to ensure you are talking to who you believe to be on the other side, and it is a safety protocol for women.
  • The Cons: Other options aside from a relationship are available (i.e Business partners, or ONLY making friends) and not so many informative profiles due to the men creating profiles but having to wait to be chosen.


  • Seeking was designed to allow the aligning of one’s personal needs with one another in hopes of a flourishing relationship.
  • The Pros: More women than men have created profiles on this app, one of the best apps for a casual overnight “hookup”, and the filtering engine is made easy to find the best match.
  • The Cons: Chances of running into pimps and prostitutes are higher, lots of fake profiles, and many money-led conversations tend to occur.


  • Tinder’s strong suit is being a top app that allows you to swipe anonymously when choosing someone of your desires. Tinder is key when searching but not wanting to make it known that you did or did not like someone.
  • The Pros: A lot of users have invested in the app, it is easy to navigate through and the chance of a hookup is 50/50 given both users are attracted to one another.
  • The Cons: You cannot control who you get the chance to look at, if you happen to swipe too quickly there is a slight chance that you can not correct your mistake unless the app itself allows you to view their profile again.


  • Hinge is the only app that applauds itself in creating actual long-term relationships. The app allows users to take a deeper look into one another profiles and decide if they are worth it.
  • The Pros: There is more information given about the considering candidate, Features are put in place that allow profiles to stand out, and it is known to be great at establishing the casual hookup between two people.
  • The Cons: The information on profiles requires a bit more work when first creating the profile and the app itself is designed for the newer generations due to having a modern flashy design.

Overall, when you are in the market of looking for a quick or long-term hookup it is always good to communicate thoroughly with the person of interest to figure out boundaries and how far they feel comfortable going. Also, if you’re looking for more dating websites check‘s article.

This technique can allow room for breaking the ice and making one another feel comfortable while also being able to get your answer without flat out asking of their desires. Hooking up should be a two-way street and everyone should be on board when indulging.

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