Download and Install GCam APK on Realme 8 and 8 Pro

On 31 March 2021, the Chinese company Realme launched the Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro models on the market. These phones have become very popular. This is because they are mid-range phones that have some of the features of a high-end phone, such as a powerful processor and a brilliant design. These and other aspects make these models stand out from the rest. In this post, we will show you how to install Google Camera on your Realme 8 or Realme 8 Pro device so you can improve the quality of your photos and videos.

The Realme’s camera is good but does not reach the expected level of quality. For this reason, many users opt to use Google Camera. This application offers an improvement in the performance of the mobile device’s camera along with many features that we usually don’t find on Realme smartphones.

And for that, you don’t have to any purpose or root your phone or anything complex. We have this simple tutorial that you should follow to download and install this GCam on your Realme 8 or 8 Pro smartphone.

Advantages of the Google Camera

The main difference between a normal camera app and the Google Camera is that the GCam adds photo processing algorithms that are also added to Google’s Pixel phones.

It also incorporates new interesting functions such as night vision or Super-Res Zoom, while improving the quality of photos and videos by adding the following:

  • Sharper images.
  • Less noise.
  • Better quality in portrait mode.
  • Many new features

How to install Google Camera (GCam) on Realme 8/ 8Pro

We recommend that you do not download the application from Google Play, as it will not be properly optimised for your Realme 8 or 8 Pro.

  1. You can download the APK through sites such as Uptodown, which also lets you choose the version of Google Camera you prefer. In this case, the best one is BSG, as it is adapted to phones with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor like Realme.
  2. Remember that before downloading the APK you must have the “Allow downloading of applications from unknown sources” option enabled on your device.
  3. You can download the app as follows:
  4. Go to the Uptodow page here.
  5. Select the “Download” option.
  6. In the pop-up window that appears, click on “Install“.

With this method, you will be able to get the most out of your photos and videos using the Google Camera.

That’s how you can install this Google Camera application on your Realme 8 and 8 Pro smartphones. Right after that, you can get started taking better photos and videos on your smartphone.

Not only just the betterment you get, but there are also even many features that you won’t see on the stock camera app on your phone. Overall, the GCam app has many benefits over the stock app, and there’s nothing to worry about having it along.

So, that concludes this tutorial here. We hope that our readers will find it helpful. If you find any trouble downloading or installing this app on your phone, you can reach out to us. Just drop your comment below explaining the exact issue that you’re facing, so we can help you out!

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