Download and Install Resurrection Remix on Samsung Galaxy S8

When it comes to a custom Rom, the Resurrection Remix Rom comes on the top. No matter whether you’re looking for basic, or an advanced Rom, it has features for everyone. If you’re looking for a better custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy S8, then the Resurrection Remix should meet your expectations. This Rom features tons of advanced, and extremely helpful customization options, it is powerful, and stable as stock firmware. Or even better. In this post, we’ll help you to download, and install this custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy S8.

We’ll use a most common method to flash this custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy S8; recovery mode. However, in order to flash this Rom without bugs, you need a custom recovery. TWRP recovery works great for such customization. If you’re really serious about customization, and want to improve the user experience, you must switch to a custom Rom. In the terms of features, and options, the Resurrection Remix has all that you ever need. It has features that you won’t find on stock firmware. Apparently, it helps to make this smartphone more productive, and useful.

Moreover, this build it based on latest Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. That means, for just sake of updating, you can use this custom Rom. It has plethora of customization features. Additionally, it has many advanced options like Advanced quick settings, extended gesture controls, settings to customize the user interface, buttons customization, and much more. We have this detailed guide to download, and install the Resurrection Remix on Samsung Galaxy S8 anytime you want. Though, you’ll lose warranty, and it doesn’t have any relation with Samsung. You have to make sure that you follow all the steps we mention here, and should bear all the risks involved.

Since we are flashing a custom firmware, you must aware yourself about the risks involved in this process. You might end up having your phone bricked, face issues on this Rom while using, and such similar things. To restore your phone, you should create a complete backup of your phone. We recommend you to backup all of your data stored in the internal memory of the phone.

Also, we suggest you to back up the current firmware. For the future aspects, that would be important, and good. In case, you stuck with any kind of problem, you’ll be able restore the Samsung Galaxy S8 to its working condition. Or Simply, use this guide- how to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S8 using the stock firmware.

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Below, we mention some very important prerequisites that you must read, and follow. This should minimize the risks involved in this process.


– This build works on only Samsung Galaxy S8, and doesn’t work on any other smartphone. You should correctly locate the model number of your phone. To know about the device, under Settings->look for software info/about phone (or something similar).

– Since we are flashing a custom Rom, this will void the warranty of the phone. You’ll no longer get official support until you restore your phone to official stock firmware. Follow our guide that we have mentioned above to restore your phone.

– In order to flash this Rom successfully, you need a custom recovery; TWRP. If you have not yet installed this recovery, just install this recovery, and only then go further, and have this custom Rom installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

– You should backup all important stuff that is stored on your phone. Flashing process will wipe-out the complete memory of your phone. Here are some useful guides that you can follow:

– Charge your phone to a good battery level. It shouldn’t die whilst we flash this Rom on your phone.


Here are some mandatory files that you have to download that includes a custom Rom, and Google apps.

  • Download the Resurrection Remix custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy S8 from →here.
  • Download the suitable Google Apps – Oreo 8.1 from here –

Download both the files, and save them on your phone. Remember the name, and location of both the files.

Now, we are ready to flash this custom Rom.

Resurrection Remix Rom Galaxy S8

How to Install Resurrection Remix on Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. Turn off your phone using the power button- press and hold power button. Then, tap on the switch off button to turn it off.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode – how to boot into recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S8
  3. Under the recovery mode, tap on Install option to flash this custom RomSamsung Galaxy S8 TWRP Recovery Mode
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction to flash the Rom file.
  5. Similarly, flash the Google Apps package.
  6. Once you have done by flashing these two files, perform tap on Wipe, and perform a factory reset. This will ensure that you get smooth, and bug-less experience.
  7. Now, tap on Reboot.

Your phone will now restart, and take your Android screen soon. Now, enter the account details to start using this phone. Now, you’ve access to all Resurrection Remix features on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Customize your phone in the best manner, and use it effectively.

If you’re curious to boost the perform of your phone, then follow our guide below:


So, you’ve successfully installed this Resurrection Remix custom Rom on your Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, you should enjoy all of its features, and options. Hopefully, it should bring some major improvements in the user-interface aspects. You can anytime switch back to stock firmware to replace all the changes, and remove installed stuff.

We hope that this guide would help the users to flash this custom Rom on Galaxy S8. Share your thoughts, and experience with this Rom in the comment section below.

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  1. Which “2 files” am I supposed to put on my phone. Each download is a .zip file with several files.

    1. Also, no “install” option from the Recovery menu.
      Reboot System Now, Reboot To Bootloader, Apply Update From ADB, Apply Update From SD Card, Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache Partition, Mount /System, View Recovery Logs, Run Graphics Test, Power Off….that’s it.

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