Download YouTube Videos in HD Quality – 6 Best YouTube Downloaders

According to YouTube’s policy, you are not allowed to download YouTube videos straight from the platform to your device’s File Manager storage.

By means of the YouTube platform, you can only download the videos to your YouTube downloads in order to watch for later purposes.

So, to download YouTube videos in high definition quality to watch it from your device gallery, obviously, you need the best YouTube video downloader.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the six best YouTube downloaders that you can seamlessly use to download YouTube videos in high-definition quality.

No matter whether you are looking to download YouTube videos for watching offline, to share with others, or simply keep it on your device gallery archives for reference purposes, all the 6 best YouTube downloaders can help you easily get the job done.

Let’s get started with a description of each YouTube downloader.

1. VidMeta – Supports up to 8k

While most other YouTube video downloaders offer video quality only up to 720p, the Vidmeta platform offers downloading option in video quality of up to 8k, which is a massive feature.

Starting from 144p to 8k, you can choose the video quality yourself according to your requirements when downloading YouTube videos through Vidmeta. is a free YouTube video downloader that can be easily accessed via its website by which you can download an unlimited number of YouTube videos of your choice in the video quality you want, supporting up to 8k quality.

The process is very simple at Vidmeta as you just have to copy the video link from YouTube and paste the link to the Vidmeta website to get the download task done in a couple of seconds.

No special knowledge or experience is required to do the downloading process. It’s simple and takes only less than 30 seconds for the whole process if you have good internet connectivity.

2. Converto

Next to Vidmeta, Converto is another great YouTube downloader option for those who are in search of finding online downloaders to download YouTube videos in HD quality. 

Converto supports downloading YouTube videos in two different common formats. To download a video as an audio file, you can choose MP3 whereas to download as the same video file, Converto does support MP4 video format.

In Converto, you can choose from 6 different video qualities ranging from 144p to 1080p.


In order to use as your YouTube video downloader partner, as a first step, you have to install the browser extension which is available on the website itself.

The chrome browser extension is called Helper by which you can seamlessly download HD YouTube videos.

Not only on Google Chrome but also the best YouTube video downloader platform works fine with other popular browsers such as Opera, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.

The downloading process is very simple which you can read on their official website itself.


One of the people’s favourite choices when it comes to downloading YouTube videos in HD quality via a video downloader platform. 

Y2mate, same as, there is a browser extension which you can install on your browser and use for downloading YouTube videos to your device storage.

The platform supports almost all video and audio formats, so, it can be your best video downloader to download YouTube videos in HD quality in any file format of your choice.

5. supports 100+ video streaming websites to download videos in HD quality. 

One of the best YouTube video downloader platforms and act as the best alternative platform to 

As I said, the platform supports more than 100 sites to download HD videos, there is a separate page on their official website itself where you can see the supported websites. 

The website lists YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and a lot more, which you can explore on the page.

6. Video Grabber

Another best YouTube downloader website with a clean interface by which you can download videos from YouTube for free to watch later. 

Along with YouTube videos, you can use Video Grabber to download videos from other streaming and social media platforms such as Instagram, TiTok, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Video Grabber is a web-based downloader platform. So, you are not required to download any software or even browser extensions to make use of the platform.


With the easy availability of the best YouTube video downloader platforms, downloading YouTube videos in HD quality has become easier nowadays.

Ensure to make use of the six downloaders listed in the post, choose one best downloaders and start watching high-quality videos offline.

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