Drones for Photographers or Cinematographers

Drones work perfectly for photographers or cinematographers. With the use of these drones, you could possibly have an excellent shot for an aerial view. This could not be done before with the previous drones in the market, but because of the innovation as well as big investments, it brought a more advanced type of drones that aid for an impossible shot to become possible.

If you are among those individuals who are dreaming of capturing an excellent aerial shot but you are having a second thought as to what gadget will work for you, then this post is for you. We bet that you really love taking photos or recording videos the fact that you are reading this post.

If you want to achieve a high- tech shots, we highly recommend you to keep reading drone x pro review, this one is cost-efficient and reliable. It is suited for professional shots or just for fun shots of you and your loved ones chilling on a beach or elsewhere. We understand that you wanted to capture the best view, especially on your thrilling adventures.

Therefore, just keep reading for this post aims to scrutiny the newest Drone X Pro, which has beat the other models by storm. We will provide answers to your questions as is it worth- buying? And what can you get if you will purchase this particular gadget?



It’s a lightweight gadget. Thus, you can bring it anywhere. What’s amazing about this is because of its compact size, it can fit your palm; therefore, you can also put it in your pocket. Very convenient, isn’t it?

Foldable Design

It has a collapsible joint so the user can fold this drone anytime.


It has 2 megapixels camera you can capture photos and have some recordings up to 720p HD, the similar camera has blade 720 find out more about this great drone at https://www.holgadirect.com/blade-720-drone-review/ , The resolution of the camera reaches up to 720p HD, and you can take up to 3600 images in just a single click on its button.


No worries about turbulent conditions because this type of model is capable of maintaining its course. Meaning, it could be easily blown away.

Flight time

When it comes to flight time, this camera works better than those of other models out there. You only need to charge it for 70 minutes, yet, if you opt to use the camera for a longer time, we suggest that you should have a spare battery.


It has one key control, which makes it more hassle-free to operate. This drone is capable of detecting the ground, so rest assured that you will have a smooth land with just a single key.


This is much resilient than those of the previous drone models.

Drone X for Photographers or Cinematographers
Drone X for Photographers or Cinematographers

How does it work?

Upon receiving the flight control directions coming from the controller, this Drone X Pro will function. Take note. The control is wireless, so it means that it will be more convenient for the controller. The controller can freely control its flight using the device that you got upon purchasing it, or you can utilize the designated application using your smartphone.

The mentioned controller is somewhat straight forward. It has a holder at its bottom part that is functions to support the smartphone, which only implies that you can have the chance to utilize both of them. Through the use of the remote control, you can surely control its flight while you continue monitoring the terrains.


This includes two major knobs for drone control. Supposedly, your thumbs on both arms should hold each knob. Left knob works like a throttle while the other one on the right-side functions as the primary controller in terms of flight direction.

If you press the throttle in a forward direction, the drone will move upward. Thus, it will increase the altitude. If you move the drone backward, it will descend. There are two more buttons nearest the throttle, which functions as automatic landing and taking off. However, if you are quite hesitant to use the mentioned buttons, you can use the arrow keys instead.


  • Available Wi-Fi feature
  • Has a slot for micro SD
  • It uses a radio frequency (2.4DHZ)
  • 6- axis Gyroscope
  • 7 to 10 mins of flying time
  • Available in a black color
  • Includes LED lights
  • Lightweight feature
  • Package weight is 360g
  • Clear FPV distance is 50 m
  • Distance for steady control maintenance is 80 to 100m


With several features as well as functionality, it is expected that this drone is a bit expensive. The price starts at 99 US Dollars. Still, we find it the best drone under 100 with camera as compared to others.

With the mentioned functionalities and more advanced features, we guess that you can easily decide now if you will get Drone X Pro for yourself. The price is worth the quality of the item that you will get. No need to have a second thought about buying this item. See it yourself!

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