How Effectively to Use Your Smartphone When Preparing for Exams

In college, exams are probably the primary sources of stress that make you stay awake at nights, struggling to remember all those things you should have learned during the semester. Luckily, with technologies impacting every aspect of our lives, there is a chance to reduce this workload, helping you to get ready for examination questions and namely, online tools and apps in your smartphone, which are always at hand.

You may have already used some of these resources for your everyday studying, for example, writing services to get your paper done on time that you found in the best essay writing service reviews.

However, in addition to this review, there is a bunch of other instruments in your phone which can assist you in not only handling regular college tasks but cracking all the important exams effortlessly. The keyword is convenience: now, you can learn and revise your notes on the go, absorbing new information quickly with the help of multiple apps combined in your gadget. Thus you will be making the most of the mobile technology that will simplify the entire process of preparation.

Top exam apps to help you learn effectively

Smartphones are our best friends that play a vital part in our everyday lives. Being our main help, they are, at the same time, becoming a real habit that consumes the vast majority of our time. The critical problem is that it has become a routine, some kind of ritual, and we may even not realize we are doing it automatically. However, when preparing for exams, our smartphone can become a great assistant and the primary source of information, so you need to clench all your will and concentrate on your primary goal, which is to pass the exam successfully.

The first step is moving all social apps to the back page in order not to get easily distracted with red notification icons. If that doesn`t help, just delete them for the exams period. Once you do it, download all necessary exam targeted apps and put them on the main page, thus replacing the old ones. These can be apps with the following functionalities:

  1. Pocket Aptitude. This app accumulated the most widely used and frequently asked exam questions, control papers, and tests. It covers CAT, SSC, RRB, and other types of entrance exams, not mentioning general college disciplines. The app has four modes to study and train with over 2000 questions in multiple categories, from Science to Literature;
  2. Gradeup. The key idea behind this app is to work together and communicate. It brings together a group of students that want to get ready for one exam (for example, Economics). It provides real versions from previous years, open access to all tests, materials, topics, and queries to study more effectively with other people;
  3. TCY. The platform consists of 200 different tests, articles, papers, and questions in all subjects and contains even those that have appeared just recently. It already has over a few million users both online and offline, who can demonstrate the maximum of their abilities with minimum effort. It also gives you an option to add your notes to help others with their tasks. Here you can receive custom experts` recommendations, watch the statistics (time and errors) and generate tests;
  4. Study Tips. This app has plenty of information to learn, from exercises to the best performing strategies. Moreover, it can offer a personal study plan for just a small monthly fee. Programs presented by the app will help you absorb more information within a shorter timeframe, and a task tracker can keep you constantly motivated;
  5. EduRev. The main advantage of this applies in providing users not only with texts and articles but also video tutorials to perceive information in a more efficient and exciting way. Inside the app, you may chat about questions with friends and share your results once completed, just like in a social network for learning only. It will automatically analyze your progress and send you detailed statistics with the exact time of doing and the number of correct answers. Thus, you can track your achievements, define weak places, solve multiple tests, and discuss critical problems with other users.

Best smartphone tricks to cope with exams

Before we discuss other ways of exam studying by using your smartphone, there are a few tips on how to avoid being distracted. First, you can buy a watch (a simple one or Apple Watch) to check the time.

If you check the time using your smartphone, it usually leads to checking mail and social networks as well, which is not suitable for a thorough preparation process. When you study, turn on the silent mode and off the vibration. If you receive notifications, they will not distract you from learning.

One of the top recommendations will be to use an airplane mode, which will guarantee that you won`t be disturbed – this is the way for those who cannot fight a need to check what is going on in their social accounts every minute. Now you are ready to use your smartphone to the fullest for study purposes only. Here is what you can do:

  1. Watch informative videos. The Internet is full of educational videos aimed at exams that can be streamed via YouTube or Vimeo. They usually have simple but easy to understand explanations accompanied by visual content to have a better idea of complicated subjects;
  2. Listen to audio playbacks. If you absorb information better when you hear it, you can listen to online lecture podcasts while being involved in other activities at the same time. Multitasking makes it a perfect way to get ready for the exams quickly;
  3. Read e-books. Today you don`t need to search a book in the library – all books of the world are now in your smartphone and just one click away. You can listen to books on the go saving time and effort on gathering resourceful information;
  4. Use mobile presentations and seminars. Your smartphone can store all the necessary information and projects to be always at hand. 

Talking about exams, it`s worth mentioning the use of the smartphone as a means of cheating. When you change your phone`s setting to «not disturb», you can use such options as call a friend, ask your digital assistant (make sure you type the command so it won`t answer you aloud), and take a photo of the question (while the Socratic app will provide you with an immediate answer).

You can also schedule notifications with solutions, listen to them in your Air Pods, use a smartwatch or a smart hide calculator, set lock screen wallpaper to the cheat-sheet, or tape it inside of your phone case.

Another bold option is to try collaborating with classmates via FaceTime. There are lots of ways to use your smartphone for your exams success; that is why this device is called smart.

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