E-mail Tracking: What is it and How You Can Protect Someone from Email Frauds?

Have you ever received suspicious mail from a known source?

Email Fraud is the most common way of deception by ill elements of the Internet. A report shows that in the year 2020, 1 out of every 4200 emails was phishing emails. Phishing attacks are a type of Email fraud through which false emails are sent in the name of a trusted source.

These malicious emails have attachments or links that can result in cyber-attacks like data leakage, identity theft, and even financial scam. Email tracking is the best way to save our loved ones from these frauds. An email tracking app helps users to track the emails of their loved ones by providing multiple features.

How Does Email Spy Software Work?

The Email spy software works in a few easy steps:

1. Purchase

Purchase Email spy software according to your budget, compatibility, and requirement. TiSPY is compatible with all devices and is budget-friendly and provides multiple features to the users.

2. Install

After buying, install the download and install the APK file on you and your target’s device.

3. Register & Login

After installation, register with your required details. After successful registration, log in to the app through your credentials.

4. Start Tracking

Once you have logged in, you can start tracking the emails.

Why Do You Need An Email Spy App?

Tracking emails

For work-related communication, information from kids’ schools, or communication about finances, purchases Emails are primarily used for all these purposes. The information shared through emails is most of the time important, but emails are also the easiest way for predators and cybercriminals to fulfill their ill intentions. An Email spy app like TiSPY can help in tracking emails to prevent these kinds of frauds. An Email spy app is needed so that:

1. Parents can Monitor their Kid’s Emails

Cybercriminals can approach kids easily through emails. Kids at their gullible age might get attracted to the alluring offers in the mail which can be harmful in reality.

Email monitoring of child

This can result in frauds like identity theft, data theft, or even more severe scams. Parents using email spy software track the mails their kids are receiving or sending, and also monitor the content of the mails to ensure the safety of the kids.

2. Prevent Hackers from Accessing Confidential Emails

An email spy app can be used by individuals to prevent hackers from accessing confidential emails. The email spy software allows you to star or download important emails to prevent them from reaching hackers.

Hackers hacking emails

The email spy software also archives the emails which can only be accessed by you hence, saving the confidential emails from the eye of hackers.

3. Protect from Malware Attacks & Suspicious Email Activity

Individuals can track emails of their loved ones and using the email spy app they can warn them of malware attack links in a particular mail they have received. Also, you can track the emails of your loved ones and warn them of suspicious activity in their account.

How Email Tracker Can Protect You?

1. View Mail History

An email tracker gives you access to all the emails received and sent on the target’s device. You can access newer and older emails with an email id tracker like TiSPY. You can also access the contact details from which the emails are being received or sent to.

2. Tracks Multimedia Sharing

An email spy app allows you to monitor multimedia shared through email. Kids might get emails from unknown sources with attachments and media that can be harmful to them to consume.

Parents can track the multimedia in the emails received by the child to ensure the content is safe to consume for them.

3. Scan Negative Words in the Content

An Email monitoring app can scan negative or malicious words in the email and content and warn the user of the harmful content in less time. This feature is highly beneficial for parents as they know they can take quick actions to avoid any serious harm through email.

4. Track Spam Emails

Spam emails can be very annoying and fill your inbox unnecessarily and this might take away your attention from important emails. Using an email id tracker you can track these spam emails and their source. You can access the contact details and block the email ID to prevent receiving spam emails.

5. Sending Alerts

Email scam alerts

Email spy softwaresends alerts in case of suspicious emails received from un-trusted sources.Parents can restrict the contacts in their kid’s email and the spy app will send an alert if the kid is receiving or sending emails outside those contacts. This helps to prevent any danger through email in advance.

6. Trace Time & Date Stamps of Emails

Users might want to see the email history of the target with time and date. An email spy app tracks emails with exact dates and timestamps that can be used by users to derive conclusions. The tracked emails will give information about the exact time and date of receiving or sending the email.

Email tracking

7. Protect from Email Dangers like Spoofing, Phishing

Individuals can use the Email spy app to track the emails of their loved ones and monitor the emails they are receiving. Parents of young kids can check the source of emails to protect the kid from phishing attacks. Individuals can track the emails of their loved ones to warn them of any suspicious activity in their accounts.

The rate at which email frauds are rising is alarming for individuals. The rate of the severity of these frauds is also increasing. Parents or individuals can track the sent and received emails conveniently using an email spy app. Email tracking software provides efficient and multiple features to the users for convenient tracking of emails. Take a demo today and step towards safer email communication.

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