How to Enter Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Recovery Mode [+Useful Tips]

This is a complete guide on how to boot Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus into recovery mode, and use this mode effectively. The recovery mode has several maintenance related options that are extensively helpful. Mostly, we all use this mode to flash custom ROMs, recovery, and other mods. Most of the manufacturers keep injecting this mode onto their smartphone, or sometimes, we have to manually put it. Fortunately, Samsung keeps this mode on their all smartphone, and just few steps away from the users.

There is harm in accessing, and using this mode. Instead, if used appropriately, it can improve the user experience to a measurable extent. As we mention above, this mode has maintenance related features. It comes handy while we update firmware on our smartphone manually. Once you access the recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, you’ll be able to take actions regarding the performance, and maintenance. In this post, we’ll discuss different methods to enter recovery mode, and learn about features/options, and how they can be helpful.

Though, there is no flaw in getting into the recovery mode, but we recommend you to back up all important stuff stored within the phone. That would make this process even safe. We have three different methods to enter into the recovery mode on Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones. It includes; through physical buttons, using ADB commands, and a dedicated application. First two methods do not require special prerequisites. However, the third method requires a root access.

We highly recommend to use the first method; through physical buttons. This is most common, and easiest method to access recovery mode. And importantly, it doesn’t require any kind of preparation. You can switch to recovery mode at your will.

These methods are easy to understand, and perform. No matter, if you’re newbie. That won’t cause any difference. Let’s begin:

How to Enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

1. Through Physical buttons

This is the most convenient method to enter into the recovery mode. It takes only few steps; a key combination. Learn how to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus using physical buttons:

  1. Using the power button, turn off your phone completely.
  2. Now press, and hold: Bixby, Volume Up and Power Keys simultaneously.
  3. Release all the buttons once Samsung’s logo appears on the screen (it will flicker)
  4. Now, you’ll be in recovery mode.
  5. Use Volume Up, and Down button for navigation purpose.
  6. To exit the recovery mode, tap on reboot system now.

recovery mode Samsung galaxy s9

That’s how it works. This method is almost common will Samsung’s smartphones powered with Bixby button.

It stands useful till all buttons are working. In case they don’t, try out the following one. Through ADB (Android debugging tool) commands, you can easily bring up the recovery mode.

Must see:

2. Using ADB commands

Though, the method sounds tough but it won’t take that much preparation, and time. However, you need a Windows PC or Mac to carry out this task.

So, here are some preparation that you need:

  • You need a Windows-based computer or a Mac.
  • A USB Cable to connect your phone to PC.
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers from →here, and install them on your PC. That ensures that appropriate connection is established between PC, and mobile.
  • Download the minimal ADB tool from →here, and extract it on your PC to obtain Run Me.bat file.

That’s all you need.

Now, you’re ready to go, and learn this method to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus:

We are assuming that you’ve already installed the drivers, and extracted the given tool on your PC.

  1. From the extract folder of ADB tool, open Run Me.bat file. It looks like:ADB Tool
  2. Now, using the USB cable to connect your phone to PC. Make sure that you’ve installed USB drivers. Otherwise, this tool won’t recognize your phone.
  3. Now, on the command prompt type following:
    • adb reboot recovery
  4. Your phone will enter into the recovery mode.

Now, you can disconnect your phone.

Use the recovery mode to take further action like an upgrade, flash custom firmware, and do much more. In this manner, one can boot into the recovery mode.

3. Through a dedicated application

If you’ve already rooted your Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, then you can take many advantages of it. There are tons of root application, extensively powerful, and useful. They can explicitly improve the performance of any rooted smartphone.

With root access, you can extend the boot option. We have Quick Reboot application that does this flawlessly.

quick reboot galaxy s9 plus

This application is completely free to download, and use. The user interface is very simple to understand, and use.

Just get this application from Google Playstore, and have it installed. To boot into the recovery mode, just open this application, and tap on recovery mode, or choose from other options.

So, these were more preferred methods to access the recovery mode. Choose the one that suits you best, and appropriate for particular situations.

That ends part one here. In the second part, we’ll discuss some important use of this mode, and how it can be useful to you.

Important use of Recovery mode

1. Upgrade firmware

If you do not want to wait for official OTAs (updates), then you can use the recovery mode to flash such updates manually.

You just need to download the Update zip file (Google it), and flash that file using option: Apply update from SD card

This will upgrade your firmware without waiting for OTA update.

2. Perform a factory reset

You can easily perform a factory reset using the recovery mode. If you’re running out of performance, facing OS related issues, or similar, then performing a factory reset can cure it.

It will delete all the installed applications, settings, and other stuff stored onto the memory, and make your device completely new.

To perform a factory reset, use: Wipe data/factory reset

You must know that will delete all settings, and data stored in the device’s memory.

3. Clear Cache memory

Again, its a maintenance related features. If you’re facing serious issues regarding the performance, and memory, then you can clear the cache partition.

It won’t delete the other stuff. It will only wipe the cache memory. That will boost the performance, and save you a good amount of memory.

To perform this action, use: Wipe cache partitions

4. Reboot to bootloader mode

Bootloader mode is another aspect of an Android operating system. This mode helps developers to bring new changes, apps, and features on the Android operating system.

Importantly, it helps to flash firmware, and other flashable files on Android powered phone.

To get into this mode, use: Reboot to bootloader

To get out of recovery mode, use; reboot system now. The very first option listed under this mode.

That ends our tutorial here. That’s all about accessing the recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, and how to it effectively. Now, you know about this mode, take full advantage of it. Since these smartphones are very powerful ones, you must try the PPSSPP Emulator – a most complete PSP emulator.

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