Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Here we have a dedicated tutorial on how you can enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Recovery mode is one most important mode in most aspects. Whether you have stock or custom recovery, the procedure remains same to enter into this mode.

Using this mode, we can easily control Android devices more efficiently such as, we can wipe out the entire device to make it clean, can install popular Roms such as CyanogenMod, SlimLP, any third-party Roms, etc., and can install third-party mods to make it more productive.

If you’re seeking information to enter recovery mode in Galaxy Grand Prime, then you are at right place. In this tutorial we have mentioned multiple ways through which we can easily get into this mode at anytime with minimal efforts. So let’s go ahead and do it.

Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Method 1 – Key Combination

Just pressing few buttons, you we can easily get into the recovery mode and this method does work on almost all Samsung’s handset.

  1. Turn off your phone. Press and Hold the power button and select “power off” to switch it off.
  2. Now Press and Hold Volume Up + Home + Power  buttons all together.
  3. Keep on pressing these buttons until you get a redirect to your new screen, Recovery mode.

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Method 2: Dedicated App:

It most fastest and convenient way to boot into the recovery mode, however you’ll need root access to make it work. With the help of small app called quick boot, we can easily switch to recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime anytime with single click.

If you have root access, the go ahead and download QuickBoot app from here. Open the app and click on recovery mode to get started.

Method 3: Using ADB commands

Here comes the tricky one! If you’re not able to get into recovery through above two methods, then possibly this option would be best to go with. It also very useful in case your device’s buttons are not working properly and so you’re not able to do so.

However it is little hard, you need to install your device drivers (here) and install Fastboot (here). Follow the below steps:
  1. Extract the Fastboot zip file to your PC.
  2. Now connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
  3. Now from Fastboot zip folder, run “Run Me.bat” file
  4. On the cmd window type following:

adb reboot recovery

Then your phone will be rebooted to recovery mode automatically.

To use recovery mode, follow below guidelines.

  • Use Volume Up and Down buttons to Navigate into recovery mode and home button to select, confirm, and perform listed tasks.
  • To get out from recovery option, from menu select “reboot system now”
  • Now your phone will turn off and restart normally and take your to your home screen!


Now you know how to enter into recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Use this mode to customize your device according to your desire, install custom Rom, mods and much more!

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