Essay Writing Problems and Their Solutions

Students face a wide range of essay writing problems from the time they receive their assignment to the time they submit it. They find it hard to understand the essay prompt or choose the right topic. Some are not sure about where to get the right sources, and they end up writing poor-quality essays. 

You must find a solution to every essay writing problem if you want to create the most exciting essay. There are different resources available online to help you write better essays and overcome common writing problems. Here are the most common essay writing problems and their solutions. 

Understanding the essay prompt

Teachers mostly give an essay prompt containing a question that a student must respond to in the essay. If a student fails to understand the prompt, they cannot effectively answer the question. Answering the question wrongly means the essay information will be wrong and will not earn good grades. 

It is important to read the prompt more than once and highlight the keywords that stand out. Read again while paying close attention to the highlighted words. Think about the best way to address them and begin to brainstorm ideas. The best way to overcome all essay writing problems is to buy essay online from reputable professional writers. 

Creating an attractive essay topic

A good essay topic helps students to stay focused on writing. It is what gives a reader an idea of what to expect in the essay. Every paragraph in the entire essay reflects the topic. This is why it is critical to create a topic that is easy to write about and get information about. Different strategies can help you create an attractive essay topic. 

  • Brainstorm: Think deeply about the essay prompt and come up with several ideas that you can write about. Sometimes it might help if you discuss the prompt with a few colleagues. Write down every idea that you get, and then pick the strongest.
  • Read essay examples: You might get several essay examples previously written by other students. They don’t have to be the exact topic you are thinking about. Reading them will give you several topic ideas. 
  • Free writing: Begin to write the first paragraph and reflect on it to see if you can draw any topic ideas from it. 
  • Read resources: Search online for information about how to create an essay topic and draw several ideas from there. 

Searching for strong arguments

Using strong arguments in every paragraph can help make your essay earn you higher grades. The more you get better grades, the more you will see the value of a college education throughout your college life. Your essay starts with the strongest points that make your arguments relevant. These methods will help you get the best sources on which to base your arguments. 

Research databases

There are thousands of scholarly databases that contain credible information that you can use in your essay. The databases contain books, journals, articles, reports, surveys, and many other important resources. Be sure to use the right databases.

Search other online sources

The web contains millions of sources where you can glean all the information that you need. You can find millions of blogs, information-filled websites, and encyclopedias. You need to use your judgment to filter out sources that are not relevant to your topic. Some of the good URLs are those ending with .gov or .edu. 

Search the college and public library

Your college library contains useful resources that can help you get all the information that you need. If the information is not available in the college library, visit the public library, and you will get the right information there. Ask for guidance from the librarian as you search for books, journals, magazines, or articles. 

Getting late in submitting an essay

Late submissions by only a few days may attract various degrees of penalties, such as grades deduction. If you exceed the allowed deadline extension, your work is considered as never submitted, and you get a zero. Good time management is important if you want to avoid the challenges of late submission. Here are useful tricks for good time management. 

  • Start early: More often, you will get late in submitting your essay if you start late. Do not wait until the last minute to start writing. Instead, start soon after receiving your essay assignment.
  • Get professional help: You might get challenges writing essays due to a lack of time or information. Do not wait to be overtaken by time while still thinking about what to write. Go online and get a reputable professional essay writing service to help you write fast. 
  • Create workable schedules: Besides writing essays, many other tasks await you. Since they all need your attention, create a schedule and allocate time for each. Have a priority list where you first allocate time to the most important tasks. 


Students face many challenges when writing essays. Some lack time to write, while others fail to identify relevant information sources. Many students get late in submitting their essays which leads to disqualification or deduction of grades. It is necessary to manage time well and to know where to search for information. When creating essay topics, be sure you understand the prompt well by reading it several times. 

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