Exciting new emoji set to arrive in Android

The Covid-19 pandemic has been impacted everybody across the world and it may have delayed lots of things, but the latest emoji has finally be announced to be in a draft for the upcoming Emoji 14 update.

The new additions will bring a look to the inclusive direction emoji have been famously taking. The list revealed more hand position and multi-colour selections which also includes a new mixed-colour handshake.

The most notable, there is now a new emoji that includes a pregnant man and pregnant person, which give more focus to the trans and non-binary communities while highlighting the fact that pregnancy is possible for those individuals.

While some of the new addition might not seem to be a lot for some people, analyses revealed that many users across the world make use of emojis to communicate and sometimes feel underrepresented by the selection. 

A report from Adobe also claimed that half of the surveyed users felt represented, while most of them believe that emojis has the potential to “help spark positive conversations about important cultural and societal issues.”

Paul Hunt, a typeface designer for Adobe, also believed that emojis are pivotal cultural tools for communication. Hunt, who is a known advocate for more inclusive emoji, said to the media via casino online: “My own personal philosophy about emoji is that it is a reminder that we live in a world of real things and real people.”

“Even if we are only approximating them using cartoon pictures of objects that we love, and that we use to serve as the words we can’t quite vocalize or write.”

Numbers showed that 89% of users admitted that emojis make it easier for them to communicate across the barrier set by languages. While over half of those surveyed agreed that they prefer emojis to phone or even in-person conversations.

“We respond more emotionally to imagery, and so, emoji can help approximate tone of voice, gestures and emotional reactions better with imagery than with words alone.”

In the draft, a melting smiley, a biting lip for people feeling frisky, and awkward faces were all introduced. The final selection for the newly introduced emojis will be made in September as part of the Unicode 14 release. The new emoji will be arriving on android phones and other devices in late 2021 or early 2022, and jeux de casino en ligne francais is looking forward to it.

Emojipedia claimed that iOS and other major platforms may not see the arrival of new emoji until 2022. But this new emoji will definitely be arriving faster for Android users as Google is known to be committed to faster emoji updates, which is different from the updated emoji designs that will be rolled out by the company along with Android 12.

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