Expectations for the Newest Androids

The holiday season is closing in and that means the newest releases of the latest flagship devices is just around the corner too – the rumour mill has already started to churn out what may be expected for some with an expected launch date between December and January. There will certainly be some big targets as mobile usage has changed, gaming has found a home on mobile as dedicated games have changed and become more accessible and the success found in alternative genres as players take advantage of the betting bonus and promotion code for Canadian sites like these for example – but gaming isn’t the only thing to take off on mobile, and changes could be aimed at other big features too. But what are the rumours saying currently?

Expectations for the Newest Androids

Battery changes could be on the way – For the past few years, battery changes have been the slowest to be pushed, and if the rumour are to be believed then these next releases may not be much better. The first rumour had come through charging speed but with mixed reports on this it’s tough to know if there’s any truth coming to a faster charging capacity, similar rumours would suggest that batteries may actually be shrinking in newer devices in line with other changes that would be possible – if a bigger battery capacity is on the wish list, it may be a bit of a longer wait.

Small displays may be coming back too – For some, the bigger oversized screens and phablet displays have become too much, and from a hardware perspective certainly adds to the large power draw problems that modern devices have – a somewhat reputable rumour now is  that the newer devices may come in a little smaller than previous options, up to 2” across the board. Certainly not a change that everyone will like, but a nice quality of life change if it is confirmed to be true.

Camera changes are almost inevitable – Something that hits the rumour mill every year, but also dependable because of how modern phones are used, are expectations for cameras and the changes we may see with them – new lens technology, and other little features that will make up a better camera experience. Whilst there aren’t many rumours floating around about what could be expected, betting on changes to come to the camera is a sure-fire way to get something right.

With modern devices going through little change in hardware, something refreshing this year could be enough to push some users to upgrade as many hold onto their devices for a longer period of time and are long overdue an upgrade, and if the newest android devices make the right changes then it’s a perfect opportunity for change.

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