How to Find My Lost Phone: Track a Lost Android Phone

Have you ever wondered about “how to locate my phone” in case it gets misplaced or stolen? Losing something as essential and personal as your mobile phone can be equal parts painful and unnerving. Painful because you’ve been stripped of an expensive device and unnerving because you don’t know who has got access to your personal data, contacts, and other important files.

Anxious about its misuse, you begin looking for any phone tracker online to help you find your lost phone—and thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways that you can locate it, monitor its activity, find the culprit, and sometimes even retrieve it. Here are ways to find your lost phone using new technology:

The Dropbox Link

Dropbox may seem like just another storage option you can link your computer or smartphone too. If you have the “camera upload” setting on in the app and the person who has your phone take photos using the phone’s camera, pictures will automatically upload to your connected Dropbox folder once the phone is online.

This may help you identify the thief and you could try to figure out their location based on clues in their photos, like their background. You may even enlist the help of your social circles and crowdsource through platforms like Facebook, or Twitter to find people who might be familiar with the places in the photographs.

Your Google Maps History

Another practical find-my-lost-phone option that doesn’t require your phone to be online or even turned on for tracking is Google Maps. You can track your lost device through Google Maps even when it is disengaged if you have triggered Location History and Location Reporting on your device. It’s a good idea to turn these features on in case your device gets lost or stolen.

If you’ve been vigilant and had these features on before your phone went missing, you can track your lost phone by visiting your Google account using any web browser and accessing your Location History. Set the current time frame to see the last location that your phone pinged.

The phone won’t ping its location once turned off, but it’s a good option to use in case you suspect to have dropped your phone somewhere or it’s been misplaced with a dead battery. If the person who found your phone keeps it online, you can also use Google Maps for tracking movement patterns through location reporting.

Special Phone Tracking Apps

There are also apps that are specifically designed for when you misplace or lose your phone. Installing a phone tracker online on your device makes it easier to locate your phone with the help of an online account. The great thing about these apps is that they can help you pinpoint the exact location of your phone instead of merely tracking its movement and trying to figure out where your device might be.

Phone trackers can tell you the exact GPS location of your device, making it easier to attempt retrieval. They can likewise monitor phone activities like calls being made and even messages being received while your phone is in the hands of another.

Can Easy Logger Find My Lost Phone?

You can track your lost phone using specially designed apps like Easy Logger. With this app installed on your lost phone, you can track the device live by accessing your online account.

Easy Logger has the ability to show you your phone logs—including call and text histories—which can be a huge advantage for when expecting important communication while your phone is out of sight. Live tracking of your phone’s location also gives you a better chance of recovering your lost device.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Easy Logger in terms of catching your phone’s thief is that it can be hidden within the device so the unauthorized user won’t have any clue that a tracking app is working in the background. Hiding the app is possible through Easy Logger’s cloud control panel so you can operate without the thief’s knowledge and catch them red-handed with your device.

Although stolen devices are rarely recovered, find-my-phone apps like Easy Logger are great tools for recovering communications and text logs for those who depend on their phone device for business and other such requirements.

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