Five Pro Strategies for Winning at Roulette

Roulette is a fun way to test your luck. However, you can edge out the casino strategically to your advantage through some time-tested betting tips that can make you win.

Roulette is a fun game and easy to learn. Players can play the game from anywhere, thanks to the wonder of online casinos. If you are new to roulette, here is a simple rundown. 

A wheel contaminating 37 (European) numbers, 0-36, is spun in one direction while a ball rotates in the opposite direction above the wheel. As the ball slows down, it falls down to the wheel on a certain number that decides the winning bets. The zero (house edge) is coloured green while the rest 36 numbers are split equally between red and black. 

Punters can place a variety of bets on the roulette board that is intuitively designed to suit different risk appetites. You can place straight-up bets on any of the numbers (payout 35:1), spilt bets (payout 17:1), dozens (payout 2:1), odd-even (payout 1:1), 1-18 or 19-36 (payout 1:1), street bets (payout 11:1), or corner bets (payout 8:1). 

Online casinos offer many varieties of roulette tables, both live and automatic. You can start a bet with as low as 0.05 dollars, and it goes up to thousands at one go. If you are searching for an online casino, ensure it complies with local laws and provides safe payment gateways to your country. Online Casino NZ provides players from New Zealand an excellent escapade into the world of online casinos powered by reputed game developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming. 

So, you got the rules right; the casino is all sorted; let’s move on to roulette-winning strategies so you can start winning real cash. 

Martingale Strategy

This is a popular strategy in gambling circles where punters will double their stake after each loss. This ensures that every loss is made up by the final win plus an extra profit of the original stake amount. This strategy yields best results in a 50:50 game like the red/black, odd/even, and 1-18/1-19 bets. The punter needs to make sure that his bets remain the same. This means if the first bet is on a black number, it’s best to continue placing bets on black until a win. However, make sure to start the bet with the lowest bet since you may have to double your bet size quite a number of times in a losing streak. 

Grand Martingale Betting Strategy

This strategy modifies the original Martingale, where the punter punts double the amount plus some extra after every loss. This not only recovers the total amount in the losing streak but also gives handsome returns on the extra bet. Ideally, it’s best to stop after a losing streak of six bets. However, make sure to include a stop-loss since the bet amount magnifies quickly. 

Repeated Corner Bets

One of the best ways of winning in roulette is strategically placing your corner bets. For this, place corner bets (bets between 4 numbers yielding a payout of 8:1) on the numbers that appeared in the last five rounds. If you put one unit of bet on each corner, you are putting in 5 units while getting a payout of 8 units. Since this strategy covers 20 out of 37 numbers and roulette numbers tend to repeat frequently, there is a high chance of winning the Roulette table through this. 

The Fixed Twenty

This is a fun strategy to follow if you are playing roulette in an online casino with friends. All you need is a set of 20 numbers that each friend can choose, and you continuously repeat bets on those twenty numbers. The odds of winning are 20/37, while the payout is 35 times. Many online casinos offer lightning roulette that amplifies your wins multiple times apart from the regular 35x payout. This can be excellent bonus cash to your original wins. Spread out your bet size in such a manner that allows you to play at least 50 times with your capital. 

The Fibonacci Bet Sequence 

The Fibonacci series can be found everywhere. In betting, the series helps provide an incredible money management system that maximizes your chance of taking money out of the game. In this strategy, the bettor will follow the Fibonacci sequence to decide his bet amount. If done on a 50:50 board, this will make sure that each loss is covered as we move down the series, and we also gradually increase the stake to make our wins stand out. 

The Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. We start the bet with the first number that is 1. If we lose, we move the bet amount to the next number in the sequence. If we win, we take the bet amount two numbers back. Doing this, we are actively covering our losses on a losing streak by increasing our bet size.  

Double or Nothing

Also known as the All-In strategy, this is founded on the principle that in the long run, the casino always wins. Theoretically, the best chance of winning in a casino is through a single bet. If you genuinely want to test your luck, put all your money in at once on a 50:50 bet. If you win, your entire amount is doubled. 

In 2004, Ashley Revell from London bet all his possessions worth US$135,300 at Las Vegas on a red number at a roulette table. The ball landed on a red number, and he won US$270,600 on a single bet. Next, he did the smart thing and walked out of the casino with the winnings. 

Roulette is a fun game that you can play with your friends. If you want to bet strategically, these strategies can help you survive losses and win some extra cash. However, you need to be patient and follow these in letter and spirit. Don’t get aggressive with your bets by betting above the set limits. If you win large, log out and enjoy your winnings.

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