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Since the Android operating system has emerged to mobile market, it has brought a wider band, full opportunities for developers to show their excellence to others throughout the world. As as the usage, and consumption of Android operating system has increased, so as security risk too. Android based smartphones too suffers from the very same problem, that is “VIRUS”. Most probably they attack to data stored under the SD card, and phone’s memory.

Moreover, if it is more effective, it can also diminish the very important data such a personal security, messages, contacts, and many others. To get protected, there are many applications, many of them are paid, and some of them are free too. In this post we have listed some free antivirus apps for Android smartphones, even they are free to download, and use, but they still able to provide complete safety. So lets start the list with one which is a good choice in all aspects.

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avast antivirus1# avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast, one of major Security and Antivirus solution provider for PC, and mobile devices. The antivirus is own a complete, and all-in-one package, comes with multiple tools to handle, care, and protect the Android device against malware, and spyware. Apart from being antivirus utility, it also comes with Anti-theft facility to protect the device against thief.


  • App with both antivirus and anti-theft.
  • Many handy tools
  • Remote device lock
  • Remote device’s memory wipe
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→Get it on Google Play Store

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TrustGo Antivirus2# TrustGo – Antivirus & Mobile Security

A completely free Antivirus app for Android phones. With robust technology, the app alone is able to provide you a complete safety from all types for viruses, and kinds of it. It comes with security scanner, secure web browsing, system manager, privacy guard, data backup, and candid camera thief Id features.


  • On-demand and scheduled scans for phone’s memory and SD card.
  • Safe internet browsing
  • System Manager to monitor, and tune system performance.
  • Anti-theft features

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Norton Security antivirus3# Norton Security antivirus

Most probably you’ve heard of this name, its one of most popular Antivirus tool for PC, and also provided very comprehensive solution for mobile devices too. This Antivirus can scan apps, SD card, and internal memory to find threat, and has ability to defend against them or simply remove them. To get more features, you need to upgrade or choose an annual plan, but free one is good enough to give your proper security.


  • Anti-theft remote access to remove data from device.
  • Scan and remove apps, and updates.
  • Defend against virus, malware and greyware.

→Get it on Google Play Store.

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AVG AntiVirus4# AVG AntiVirus Security – FREE

Its one of most download Antivirus app on Google Play Store. Not only its a Antivirus, its like complete set of utilities to manage the device efficiently for better performance, and outcomes. Full protection, performance tools, inbuilt anti-theft, and phone location feature, and privacy.

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  • Complete mobile security.
  • Anti-Theft & Phone Location
  • Task Killer to free up the processor.
  • Memory optimization tools.

→Get it on Google Play Store.

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Antivirus Free5# Antivirus Free

It’s a very comprehensive app, comes with multiple tools to manage, and protect device against any kind of virus, or any other threat. With real-time protection, you’ll be having a completely safe environment, you don’t have to worry when you’re surfing or having data exchange with your friends. Many tools to manage, and maintain device performance, and battery life.


  • Anti-Virus & Security Protection
  • System Optimization: kill unnecessary tasks to save RAM and Battery
  • Many Anti-theft features
  • Maintains battery life

→Get it on Google Play Store.

Avira Antivirus Security6# Avira Antivirus Security

Simple yet very effective antivirus app for Android phones. It can scan, detect, and remove any kind of malicious apps from the phone. It comes with Automatic and  manual scan options to check for virus under phone’s or SD card memory. Apart from being a very good Antivirus, it also features a most complete Anti-theft tools. You can find, locate, and track your device, remotely lock, wipe, and ring your device.


  • Very simple to use user interface.
  • Most effective device tracking tools.
  • Multiple Anti-theft facilities.
  • Blacklisting functionality, and device admin.

→Get it on Google Play Store.

So, it ends our list of best antivirus apps, which one can get for free. If you like to play games on your phone, then you must visit our list of best causal Android games for time pass.

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