Gambling with Android Apps vs. Browser

A long time ago, it was easy to differentiate between “mobile” and “desktop.” But, these days, due to great breakthroughs in technology, it is difficult to differentiate and bit confusing. This confusion sometimes leads us to a road where it’s difficult to choose the correct options, whether in terms of leisure or business.

In this era of competition, there are numerous options and different varieties. This competition has grown even between different apps and browsers. There are many such games and facilities which are accessible in both ways, but it solely depends on your requirements.

One of them is gambling, which can be either done through different Android apps and browsers. But, what I believe after gambling on both the platforms that Android apps are still under growth and need to grow, whereas browsers are better and still easy to use. Due to this, there are high chances that you may lose interest in the game and enjoyment. Here are some specific points which can justify my statement:

  • The difference in the screens matters a lot. Mobile’s have comparatively a small size screen whereas desktops & laptops have an appreciated screen. I was playing deuces wild on bspin and I was really glad of all the minor details I could spot.
  • Battery life. Everyone hates to compromise when they have to leave the game in terms of less battery. And in this situation desktops or laptops are always a king.
  • Graphics are not to be sacrificed. When you are dealing with Android, you have to compromise with graphics and animations, but laptops are a savior in such cases. Time to time there are updates which are sometimes available only on desktop and laptops which can result in losing some great moments.
  • Sheer Power. Laptops are king in this field due to their absolute power, which helps them to run casino games faster than that from androids.
  • Tournaments. There are many gambling tournaments which are released on a regular basis, and many of them are available only on desktops and do not work on mobiles. These tournaments are generally played with tremendous and high-speed Wi-fi or cellular data in order to avoid interruptions.
  • Compatibility. Some slot games have great compatibility on the desktop rather than androids. This also depends on whether you have installed a flash version of that particular casino game on your phone. But, comparatively, it is better to choose laptops over apps. Thebestbitcoincasinos does a marvelous job in laying out what games are compatible and what not.
  • Offers and bonuses. It sometimes happens that different casinos offer different offers and bonuses. There are many casinos that offer bonuses on their mobile apps, but still, here is a great number of such casinos in case of browsers. Even the payment channels should also be considered.
  • Reach among public.  Just because the browsers can be accessed on a great number of platforms and can be shared easily between users, as well as search engines, you should prefer browsers in such case. There sharing and reachability is not possible with the native apps.


After the growth of smartphones and since Android & iOS are dominating the market, the question between “app vs. web” will always be taken into consideration.

But, it will indeed be a great struggle for apps to take the place of websites and browsers in both terms, whether it is the market or the heart of people. It also depends on the specifications of different games on the browser and apps.

Apps may take the position of browsers in the future, but currently, according to my experience, desktops are giving their best, and they can’t be replaced totally. It will be wise to choose browsers over apps in the terms, as mentioned earlier. This will benefit you many terms.

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