Good Reasons to Buy a Refurbished iPhone

Apple has been a well-known brand globally for its iPhone and Mac products. Aside from the high quality they offer, they are also known for the price of their products.

The well-known company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak back in 1976. Their second product, Apple II, brought massive success as it became the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer. From computers, Apple also started producing mobile phones which is now one of the most premium mobile brands in the market. With their continuous efforts and innovations to improve their electronic gadgets one after another, Apple has continued to dominate the gadget market internationally.

Last September of 2021, Apple just released their latest iPhone which is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, showcasing the best camera for mobile phones, cinematic video mode, improved battery life, and superior performance with its price of S$1,799. Other than the quality of the phone itself, the exclusivity and status of owning the latest iPhone model added to its value. Their marketing strategy is another strength of the company, even when there are other brands offering the same specs for a lower price, consumers still stick with Apple for the intangible values the brand has established.

If you prefer the iPhone’s mobile interface over Android units but do not want to shed thousands of dollars every time there is a new model, we found the best solution for you and that is refurbished iPhones!

What Are Refurbished Phones in Singapore?

Refurbished phones Singapore are pre-owned units that are returned due to a fault, issues are then fixed, quality is re-tested, then re-sold again in the market. These phones are sold as refurbished units, not brand new nor second hand.

Although refurbished phones indeed have previous owners, some are sold back to the phone company so they can upgrade their unit, while some simply changed their mind and return the phone unused. If you are lucky enough, you can find a freshly unboxed iPhone for a much lesser price.

When browsing in the market, you may see terms like “pre-owned”, “renewed”, or “reconditioned”,  all of these refer to refurbished phones.

Should You Buy Refurbished iPhones?

There are a lot of good reasons to buy refurbished phones, who would not want a high-quality phone for a lesser price anyway? If you are still not convinced, here are some good reasons why you should go for that refurbished iPhone model you want.

Cheaper Price

First and foremost, since brand new iPhone models are hefty in price, getting a refurbished phone would save you a lot of money. For comparison, a brand new iPhone XS Max would cost you S$2,689 when you can find a refurbished one for only S$700.

Checked and Repaired by Professionals

Just because it has a previous owner does not mean the unit is already worn out. There may be a few dents and scratches but operation and quality-wise, the software and programs are checked by professionals. If there are issues, you can be assured these are already fixed and the unit is fully tested before putting it up for sale again.

Since these are pre-owned units, you may wonder what happens with the accounts of the previous owner synced on the phone. These are completely wiped out and your accounts are safe with refurbished phones.          


These smartphones are under warranty provided by the manufacturer or the reseller. Even with the detailed tests and checks to ensure quality, you are still entitled to a warranty in case something goes wrong after the purchase. Make sure to ask for the time and issues covered so you are knowledgeable for  times when it may come handy.

Helps Environmentally

Since these phones are returned and fixed instead of being thrown immediately to the landfill, refurbished phones help lessen the plastic parts and lithium-ion batteries since their life is extended and fully maximized.

Do Refurbished Phones Have Problems?

Although the majority of refurbished iPhones are returned after a short use of the unit, some are returned for issues in the unit which could be internal or external. These issues are already addressed before you can buy the mobile phone, but in case you are doubtful of using a smartphone with a history of problem, research is key.

You can ask who refurbished the phone if it is by the manufacturer itself or a consumer electronics chain. You can also dig deeper on the tests and evaluations performed on refurbished phones so you can perform a check personally before paying for it.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Refurbished Phone?

It has been a habit of consumers to change their phone within two to three years on average. However, people may confuse this with the actual life span of the gadget itself.

There are refurbished gadgets that are already used for three to four years but still function for a couple more years. Just because there are new models released does not mean previous units completely lived out their life and would just fall apart. Although it is hard to give an exact number of years since it would vary depending on the care given when using the phone and the model you own, refurbished phones last longer than you think.

What To Expect When Buying A Refurbished Phone?

It may be your first time buying a reconditioned phone. In order to not set yourself up for disappointment, here are a few things you may want to remember when getting a refurb phone.

  • You will have to wait to get the latest model. Although it is not impossible to get a refurbished phone of the latest iPhone model, it would be rare and you would usually have to wait a few months before the stocks become available in your trusted seller.
  • Warranty issued will be shorter in comparison to warranty for brand new phones.
  • There may be minor scratches and scuff marks on the unit.
  • Restoration for phones with previous issues may vary depending on who performed the restoration. If the refurbished phone is from Apple, you can expect a new battery and an outer shell, however, if it is refurbished by other technicians, they may have solely fixed the internal problems but the physical state of the phone is left as is.
  • Although a charger is surely included in your purchase, other accessories originally bundled with the phone are not guaranteed.
  • It may not come with the original packaging. It may vary depending on which store you bought the phone from but usually, they just come in plain boxes.

Is It Better to Buy A Refurbished or Used iPhone?

Second-hand iPhones may be more affordable compared to refurbished ones but there is more security and credibility when buying refurb phones. Since second hand phones are not checked thoroughly, an issue may suddenly occur and since it has no warranty, it may cost you more to get it fixed or buy new parts needed to repair the problem. Here are some places to fix your iphone in Singapore.

Where To Buy A Used iPhone in Singapore?

If you are set on buying a used unit for your next smartphone, the next step would be finding a trusted seller you can easily reach out to. For this, we would suggest buying from Red White Mobile.

Red White Mobile

This reliable mobile shop offers the cheapest no contract phone in Singapore. Since they operate in bulk business orders, they were able to leverage close working relationships with the direct phone distributors, giving you a more affordable price for the same phone. Red White Mobile sells a variety of refurbished phones in different brands, and render services to keep your phone in its best quality, being the best one stop shop for refurb phones.

Address:420 North Bridge Road #01-20 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

Contact: +65 6735 4811

Tips on Buying a Refurbished iPhone in Singapore

It is highly crucial that you pay attention when buying refurbished smartphones. In case you are not sure what to do and which to check before closing a deal, these reminders will help you out.

  • Ask for the history of the phone. It is important that you know what the previous issues of your smartphone are, so in case something goes wrong, you would know where to start.
  • Ask who refurbished the unit. The quality of the refurbished phone depends on who performed the reconditioning of the unit.
  • Check for the age of the device. This way, you will be able to put a number on how long you expect to use this unit.
  • Set your expectations. Since you will be paying less of the price, you cannot expect it to be as flawless as a brand new one from the Apple store. For refurbished phones, recent models and unused phones are priced higher compared to those with previous issues. You should set your expectations aligned with the price and model you are eyeing.
  • Do not settle for less. When buying refurbished phones, do not proceed with the deal if you still have doubts. It is best to trust your guts and do more research on the parts that bother you. You can go back once your concerns are addressed, this way you will not be disappointed with your purchase.
  • Never forget the receipt. Once you have settled on getting the unit, make sure you keep the receipt as it will be requested when you have to use the warranty.

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