5 Google Docs Features That Will Come In Handy At Work

Have you noticed lately that more and more users are abandoning Microsoft Office in favour of Google Docs? It’s understandable, in general: nowadays, the main thing is to work with files online, and Google Docs copes with it much better than Bill Gates’ brainchild. If you’ve never worked with the app, I recommend you get familiar with its main features. Rest assured, there’s a lot to see.

I’m not much of a fan of changing the software I’m used to using. Resorting to Google Docs was a forced measure. Many users just don’t want to bother downloading Word to their device: some don’t have a computer handy, others don’t want to look for the keys, and in 2022 they still haven’t learned how to pay for software.

After using Google Docs, I have found that it really is very convenient. Now my hand reaches for the icon with the signature Word much more often, because it is easier to do everything in Google’s proprietary application. I love Google Docs so much that I’ve included it in my personal top apps.

Translate texts in Google Docs
Translate texts in Google Docs.

1. How to translate text in Google Docs

When using Word, I really missed translating text right in the app. Plus, Google Docs has implemented this feature extremely conveniently. As soon as you click Translate, the service automatically opens translation in a separate window. Now you can compare some words or paragraphs and understand what the text is about.

To translate text in Google Docs you need:

  1. Open Google Docs in your browser.
  2. Click on the top Toolbar or Tools.
  3. Then in the menu that opens, click Translate document.
  4. Choose a title for it and select a translation language.
Add images to Google Docs
Add images to Google Docs.

2. How to insert an image into a Google document

To insert an image into a Google document you need to

  1. Open the file you are interested in in your browser.
  2. Next click on the Insert button in the top pane.
  3. Then click on Image and specify your preferred insertion method.

This is a feature of Google Docs that no other editor I’ve ever worked with has been as good as this. The standard tools make it a breeze, and the implementation is top-notch. It’s trivial because you can simply drag and drop a file from your desktop and it’ll load just right.

Right from the Insert panel you can: upload an image from your computer, take a photo, add from Google Drive and Google Photos (another reason to use that cloud), add a picture URL or search the web.

The latter is worth its weight in gold. Instead of digging through a bunch of separate tabs, you can immediately type in any picture you’re interested in and paste it into a document. Plus, years of experience in this business tell us that Google searches for pictures much better than Yandex, for example.

Add comments in Google Docs
Add comments in Google Docs.

3. How to add a comment to a Google document

For someone who’s used to using Microsoft’s tools for work, Google Docs would be more useful for collaborative work. In my view, one of the key features in this regard is comments, which can be left directly in the document.

This is handy for delegating responsibilities or pointing out errors in this or that part of the text. Especially since it’s easy to do – see for yourself.

To add a comment to a Google document on your computer, you need to:

  1. Open a new document in your browser.
  2. Highlight the desired text in the document.
  3. Click the button with the Plus icon in the right corner of the text.
  4. Add a comment, then confirm the action.
  5. You can also add a comment in Google Docs on your smartphone. To do this:
  6. Open a document in the Google Docs app.
  7. Next, select the desired piece of text.
  8. Click on the three dots in the menu that opens.
  9. Then we tap on the Add Comment button.
  10. Write your comment and click Submit.
Add table of content in Google Docs
Add table of content in Google Docs.

4. How to insert the table of contents in Google Docs

If you knew how many problems I had with the table of contents in Word. I’ve had so many problems with the table of contents in Word, that it mispaced the headings, or the lines moved off, or something else. In the end, I usually gave up the idea and either submitted the document without any table of contents or asked them to finish it on my behalf.

Inserting a table of contents into Google Docs is extremely easy:

  1. Open the document in a browser.
  2. Then go to Insert.
  3. Find the Table of Contents at the very bottom.
  4. Select the desired table of contents format.

Plus, for the particularly gifted like me, Google inserts separate tips that help with the table of contents, which is also very nice.

Google Docs hotkeys
Google Docs hotkeys.

5. Google Docs hotkeys

I don’t know why, but most users who work with office software completely ignore hotkeys. Instead of digging around in the toolbar all the time looking for the setting you need, it’s much easier to just sit around for half an hour, figure it out, and then enjoy your handy work

Press Ctrl + / on Windows or ChromeOS or Command + / on macOS to open the list of shortcuts in Google Docs. I really like that all the shortcuts are clearly organised. You can open the section you want and explore the combinations that suit you.

Do you use Google Docs? Or prefer other services? Give your feedback in our Telegram Chat or in the comments below.

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