Google Duo – Share your phone’s screen to your friends

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Google Duo Screen Sharing 

Finally, Google Duo can be integrated into the Android phone. You can share your phone screen to your friends and family during a call. To access this Google Dup feature, you just have to tap your screen sharing icon, it just located above the screen flip icon. After you tapping the icon, it will prompt up a warning that Duo going to start displaying all your screen info to your friends. If you choose to continue, then you will see the red color border highlighting your screen now, as it now streaming your phone screen. To stop screen sharing you just need to tap on the red icon.


Unfortunately, this feature seems buggy and laggy. For now, it not working properly and yet to seem perfect. The screen sharing coming from the sharer is frozen. The image will not unfreeze until we end the call. We shall wait for another update to check any improvement for this. 

Android Police noticed that the underlying telephone call will separate when the Duo video talk takes over the normal call and that you’ll have two entries in your call log — one for the underlying telephone call and one for the video call.

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