Google Tests Android Auto For Smaller Screens

Google continuously try to test the limit to make Android Auto perform better on your car’s screen, while the company prepares to ditch the dedicated Android Auto for hones screens app. The company’s latest test showed how the experience could be improved for cars with small displays.

A new UI was discovered by analysts, which offers easier multitasking capabilities to Android Auto. Recently, Google released a split-screen view for cars with big devices, while the new UI named “Coolwalk,” will offer similar functions to the cars with smaller displays along with a new overlay.

This new “Coolwalk” UI will see the tabs appear over the map to offer the users access to music apps and other functions like notifications. There is a new button, which will help activate the new overlay, replacing the spot the circular launcher was.

The newly updated UI will appear for some users on the Android Auto beta channel with version 6.9, but the new UI is not functioning well enough yet according to online gambling. The music tab is limited to just its controls as you won’t be able to open the app from the tab. The notifications are buggy, and they can’t be dismissed from the overlay.

While the overlay looks to be transparent to some extent, the cards are clearly opaque, which makes a section of the map is quite difficult to see, especially the directions that are covered by the overlay. However, considering this is only a beta, which means future updates will make some adjustments to its performance.

The report from Australian online casino also confirmed that new wallpapers were introduced on Android Auto having previously appeared on the platform earlier this year, along with a manual selection for the driving side.

XDA Developers also claimed they spotted a feature that will help the users choose when to launch Android Auto, either by default – if the app was used in the last drive, or for every drive.

If you’re running the latest Android Auto beta, there is not much guarantee you’ll be getting the new “Coolwalk” UI feature, which could be considered as a blessing in disguise as it has been claimed to be buggy for now. 

In other news, Samsung took to the media to announce that it will be rolling out a public beta of Android 12 for Galaxy S21 devices, which is only a few weeks ahead of when the final OS is set to be unveiled officially for the first time on Pixel smartphones. Samsung is aiming to distribute these betas out to their users earlier every year, though it was only by a week or two when compared to 2020.

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