Guide on Writing a Computer Science Essay

Writing essays is a challenging endeavor. And while you can easily delegate your homework assignments to professional writers from online essay writing services and have them do my papers, you are still required to write essays in class or at an exam by yourself. Moreover, you can’t simply copy essays. Every following one needs to be original or, at least, different from all the other ones of yours or others. This is true of all subjects, and computer science is no exception.

A growing number of students are choosing computer science degrees these days. According to BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, the number of people accepted to computer science degrees in 2020 increased by 7.6%. Consequently, more students are now looking for guidance on writing a quality computer science essay. Keep reading to find out how you can write an essay that meets the most demanding requirements and expectations. 

Choose a topic

First things first. Choose your topic. Choose one that you know best to come up with a solid piece. You would still need to do research to keep abreast of all the latest developments. Make sure you pick up all the key facts and figures. Strategically, it might be beneficial to choose a topic that is poorly studied to add value to the debate.


Even before you start writing, prepare yourself to play essay evaluator. It’s both fun and pragmatic. Imagine you’re reading someone else’s essay and do your best to critique it mercilessly. If you need clues, see what criteria professional reviewers use to assess the best homework help websites providing services online.


Make sure you structure your essay in line with established standards, i.e., include three major sections – an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The introduction includes the description of your goal and your main thesis or conclusion. It paves the way for a detailed explanation in the main body, which is where you set out your arguments in detail.

Don’t forget to use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to help the reader navigate your essay easily. The conclusion summarizes your essay. You can bring it home by ending with a punchy concluding remark.


Base your arguments on facts and figures. Computer science does not like unsubstantiated claims and flimsy arguments. If your evidence is thin, it won’t strike a chord with either your readers or your evaluators. If you were writing for online schools for computer science, there’s no way you could afford to have your whole essay rest on shaky ground. Use nice-looking charts and diagrams.

Authoritative sources

Use properly cited sources to back up your claims. Surely, you are not the first person to explore the issue. So, make sure you build on the evidence and experience that already exists out there.

Essay style

Your essay style must be informed by the type of audience you are addressing. If it’s your college, make it look and read like an academic piece. If it’s for a social media blog, go for conversational language. In any case, you should use succinct sentences and the active voice while getting rid of extraneous detail and grammatical and spelling errors.

Final Considerations

Writing good essays is a skill. You need to practice your writing skills to become a solid essay writer. Writing computer science essays might be more demanding because they require the writer to be precise, yet creative and unconventional.

While following best practices and established academic standards in essay writing, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Use facts and figures to strengthen your essay, and pick a style that will help your essay stand out.


Barbara Fielder has been advising students on the best practices in essay writing for more than two decades. Having sat on numerous essay evaluation committees, Barbara knows the yin and yang of essay writing. The range of topics her online reviews and blogs cover include science, college education, student support services, and many more.

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