HostCano WordPress Hosting Know-How Review for all the WordPress Hosting Geeks!

In 2003, when it first came out, WordPress was just a blogging platform. Now it’s the biggest CMS available.

WordPress is among the most well-known CMS systems for managing content on the market. Depending on the person you ask. It powers about 15% of web pages accessible on the Internet.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to bring your company up and running or if you’re looking to begin experimenting with code, WordPress is a solid option, and this post will dive you to a better perspective of WordPress hosting by our robust WordPress Hosting platform of HostCano.

After that, you’ll be able to start playing around with WordPress and start building your site without worrying about the actual launching. Also, you can choose as your hosting provider.

Astonishingly WordPress is an Open-source

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While you may know that WordPress is an open-source program and anyone can download to study, modify, or redistribute the code source”. A lot of WordPress themes and plugins are licensed within the license. 

As open-source software, WordPress developers can share their code freely online. Sharing code could allow you to reduce development time and expenses by using existing code.

Utilizing Open Source platforms is beneficial when working with a third-party partner or agency to build a WordPress website. You won’t have to deal with a proprietary application that only a select group of developers can access. There are plenty of various WordPress developers who can help your website should you ever require a change of your partners.

HostCano WordPress Hosting allows you to receive superior customer support

The main reason to choose HostCano Cheap Hosting India is the robust features and facility provided by HostCano for better support. HostCano WordPress hosting providers typically work with only the WordPress platform. 

It means that they do not work around Drupal, Magento, or any other kind of platform or program. Usually, support teams specializing in one specific area are the experts in the particular area, even if they’re novice initially!

HostCano support team HostCano comprises WordPress developers and Linux Engineers, contributes to WordPress Core and other open software projects, and uses WordPress frequently. It means that the skills of our support department are unmatched. There is nothing worse than starting an online chat session only to feel more knowledgeable than the person on the other side. It’s not going to happen with HostCano!

When HostCano first started in the beginning, we realized that the system was quite smooth and working as it should be regarding how WordPress support was handled. That’s why our team is structured differently and facilitates a unique set of features. We do not have different levels or levels. The member of our support team that assists you is fully trained to solve any issue, from the initial diagnosis to resolution. 

Customer Support-min.png

You won’t have to bounce between various reps since we consider this an unnecessary time-waster. Everyone has access to the same support team members who back the support of our Fortune top users and enterprise clients!

Optimized for high-performance

Another reason to select the managed WordPress hosting service is that their systems are designed to function with WordPress.

Suppose you choose to go with an open-source host or DIY approach generally. In that case, they’ll be using barebone servers, and you’ll need to devote time to setting up software and optimizing your system to get the same speeds as managed WordPress hosts can provide straight out of the box. Sometimes, when using a shared host, there’s nothing you can do to get the speed you require.

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A top-performing WordPress host must also offer users the most up-to-date and most advanced technology and architecture. It includes using the most recent version of PHP, MariaDB, HTTP/3, and NGINX and being among the most efficient combinations available for WordPress.

If your WordPress host is taking forever to update the most recent versions of PHP, They are slowing you down! 

It isn’t the case with us. HostCano has released PHP 8.0 within a matter of weeks of the final and tested version, but we’re hoping to make it even more, speedier due to the imminent release of 8.1. It allows users to begin testing earlier and avail instant and free gains in performance.

PHP Version 8.1-min.PNG

What is the most important version of PHP that you’re using? Based on our PHP test report results, PHP 8.0 has an average speed quicker than PHP 7.4. Which user wouldn’t like an unrestricted speed increase?

To take it another step, HostCano has been the first WordPress hosting company to use exclusively Google Cloud Platform and its premium-tier network. HostCano has been named a top hosting service by independent websites for many years. So many reputed platforms are suggesting it.

We have strategically located Data Centers for Global Reach.

In addition to server-level performance, managed WordPress hosting companies are typically equipped with a bigger infrastructure to reach the world. Because of Google Cloud Platform, we have several different locations here at HostCano from where you can host your WordPress website. 

Data Center Locations-min-min.png

It includes areas across the USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Strategically locating your website close to your customers and visitors customers reduces latency on the network as well as TTFB. It results in speedier page loading times.

Automatic Backups 

What would you do if you were to lose everything suddenly? It is important to be ready in a disaster by having a Backup for the WordPress website. A reputable managed WordPress hosting service should offer automatic backups per your requirements.

Backups are typically only offered in premium plans for VPS hosted on shared servers. If you decide to take the DIY way using a VPS, you’ll typically need to set up your backup system and VPS snapshots, which can cost extra.

Final Takeaways

Finally, when all set and done, after going through all the points mentioned above, you can clearly define the feasible WordPress hosting features of HostCano WordPress hosting. If you found this post a good read, share it on social networks so more people can get insight into it.

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