How a Dynamics 365 Travel Portal Can Revolutionize Your Travel Business

The travel industry is vast and constantly changing as software solutions for Travel evolve. It revolved around transportation, accommodations, local travel, homestays, and hotels. But now, it has also included experiences that are part of the destination offerings rather than just ordinary sightseeing.

With this new definition of travel, travelers and companies must take full advantage of all available options. This includes transportation providers and accommodation providers too.

Previously, a travel company would book your transportation and accommodations and even create daily itineraries for sightseeing if you were part of a particular group tour. Making a trip that appealed to all ages and interests was daunting. For example, you can only have something that’s child-friendly for a family holiday group. And you can plan a smooth day for younger travelers.

Putting together a trip like this involved extensive research and investment in bookings, security of the places of interest, accommodations, and more. And even then, profits were not guaranteed, as there were too many variables that a one-size-fits-all kind of trip could not account for.

Apart from leisure travel, there are necessary trips that people have to take, like business or emergency trips. Booking a trip for these occasions should be simple.

As a travel company, your goal has evolved from just getting people to places to ensuring they have everything they need at those places. This new goal brings a lot of responsibility to you and your staff.

To achieve your goal of providing exceptional travel experiences day after day, you need the right tools. One such tool is a Dynamics 365 portal for travel. This travel portal can help you manage your entire business seamlessly and open up your business to more audiences and partners. Let’s consider how it can benefit you, your staff, partners, and customers.

For you, as the administrator: The Dynamics 365 portal for travel takes the hassle out of running a travel business. Starting a company like this is easy, thanks to the many success stories to follow. However, maintaining it consistently and growing in such a competitive market can take time and effort.

Here’s what the admin can do with a travel portal: Data (lots and lots of it) The insights you can get with a travel portal will transform how you do business. You will see which destinations are popular, what factors affect them, and popular modes of transport that work for each goal. With this information, you can offer discounts to capture leads.

Offers and discounts With the travel portal, you can update offers and run marketing campaigns that help capture leads and turn them into customers. You can easily see which offer or campaign a customer interacted with, enabling you to build your marketing strategy accordingly.

Partner/customer onboarding: The travel portal makes onboarding partners and customers easy. You can create credentials for them and give them access to the necessary modules. Partners get edit rights to data regarding them, and customers get requests for their data. Both parties can update and maintain their personal and contact details.

Having the right tools is essential to ensure success in the travel industry. One such tool is a Dynamics 365 portal for travel, which can help streamline your business operations and expand your reach to new audiences and partners. Here’s a breakdown of how it can benefit you, your staff, your partners, and your customers.

For partners Dashboard: Partners can customize a dashboard showing their most popular properties or transportation tickets. Experience partners can view weekly sales numbers at a glance to help plan and curate their offerings.

Reports: Partners can log in to their accounts on the travel portal to generate detailed reports about their sales numbers, customer demographics, top-selling products, and more. Each partner only has access to their information, ensuring maximum security.

Profile management: Partners can easily manage their profile information, required paperwork, and offerings. For example, if a candle-making workshop wants to add a ceramic seminar for making candle holders, they can easily offer it to customers.

For your staff: Task management: Your team can view the territories and customers assigned to them, respond to queries, and ensure bookings remain unchanged. They can also handle interactions on behalf of clients, as needed.

Dashboard: Staff members can also access a dashboard that shows relevant information, such as the number of clients under their allocation and new partner offerings.

As a travel business owner, you want to provide customers with a seamless and comprehensive experience. That’s where a Dynamics 365 travel portal comes in handy. Here are some of the benefits for your customers.

All-in-one booking experience: Customers can book their transportation, accommodation, and experiences in one place. This allows them to create a custom itinerary that fits their travel preferences.

Easy change and cancellation options: Customers can easily modify or cancel their bookings using the self-service portal. They can review available alternatives and fees before making any updates.

Reminders and access to documentation: Customers receive reminders for upcoming trips, web check-ins, and consent requests for experiences. They can also access trip-related rules and regulations through the portal’s knowledge base.

It’s crucial to consult with a portal development company that prioritizes your needs. A reliable company will provide an outlet that meets your requirements and adds value to your travel business. Don’t settle for being an average travel consultant – invest in a travel portal that will take your business to the next level.


With the travel industry evolving, it’s crucial to have the right tools to keep up. A Dynamics 365 travel portal can help streamline your business operations, expand your reach to new audiences and partners, and provide a comprehensive experience for your customers. The travel portal can benefit your entire team from data insights and marketing campaigns to partner and customer onboarding. Investing in a travel portal can take your travel business to the next level and stay ahead of the competition. So why settle for being an average travel consultant when you can revolutionize your industry with a Dynamics 365 travel portal?

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