How Can I Improve My English Essay Writing?

English essay writing is an essential skill for international students. Even in non-English speaking countries, many colleges and universities utilize English essay writing.

Every student community has its own rules, and if it’s time to do homework, many young people are going to ask their peers for help. Meanwhile, it is difficult to find a professional essay writer among first-year students, but later on, you can level-up your English writing skills.

Even if your main language of studying is not English, it is always beneficial to get extra information for a successful education. Try our eight tips on how to improve your essay writing and impress everyone with English knowledge in your class.

1. Read Professional Literature

Usually, professors give students a lot of professional literature to read through in a short time. Use this moment to improve your knowledge of the English language. The only condition is that you have to read books on the required discipline in English.

You can study biology, physics, astronomy, psychology, or geography with reading. By reading English books, you can discover many unfamiliar words. Write them down so you can use them in your next essays.

2. Download English Learning Apps

When you start learning digitally, you’ll see improvements in your ability to write English essays in no time. Choose special apps such as Duolingo, ABA English, and English Grammar Test. Use them wisely to get what you want in English. With these perfect tools, you’ll learn new words, understand grammar better, and start writing in English more effectively.

3. Start Writing Letters

To become more confident in academic writing, you should start with simple things such as letter writing. For example, you can try to explain to your future self in a letter why English is important to you and which goals you want to reach by learning this language.

Letter writing helps you to improve your writing without the pressure of completing complex academic work. Express everything you want to say and then check it. When you find mistakes, you will understand your weaknesses to work on later.

4. Learn Your Subject Perfectly

Reading about your subject also in your native language will help you with knowing what to say in your essay. Briefly note the interesting facts and draft your introduction, outline, and arguments in one place. Then you can construct your essay by organizing the structure in the right order.

Afterward, you can try to translate it yourself. If you are hesitating about the translation, you can always check it in Google Translate, Camera Translator, or Microsoft Translator.

5. Show Your Texts to a Proofreader

You should have someone proofread your text, no matter who it could be! If you are too shy to ask your teacher about checking your writing, ask your friend from college or your Internet pen-friend. The main requirement is a native English-speaker.

After this action, you’ll empower yourself with courage and self-confidence. You can be confident in your texts when you have another pair of eyes to check them.

6. Learn Essay Writing Standards

Get acquainted with the rules on how to write a standard essay. If you look through the many student services, you’ll find great examples of essays on different disciplines. You can also look at APA Style and MLA services to learn the elements of different formatting styles.

7. Stay Accurate With Your Expressions

Every beginner wants to work on their unique writing style. Meanwhile, they always try to copy famous writers and implement broad sentences in their texts. Simple and strict texts are always more pleasant to read than vague ones. So, keep your essay simple and accurate.

Try not to use overwhelming expressions. There are always many different ways to write your essay easily. Don’t include definitions that could be hard to read.

Imagine that you are reading your final draft. Be objective and exclude overly complex constructions. Replace them with sentences where you can easily explain facts with your own words. Moreover, you can use an assignment writing service as well.

8. Keep Your Writing Process Consistent

Be patient and concise in your writing. Start writing with an outline, then work on grammar, keeping in mind the meaning of words by using proper vocabulary. Continue with setting the arguments and analyzing them properly. Support your thesis with evidence. If you set up your process right, you’ll see how simple it will be to write a powerful conclusion to emphasize your research.

The Bottom Line

Always remember that nothing is impossible! You can study English and even write essays in this language easily. Every student wants to be the best in their field of study, but you should never give up even if it seems too hard for you!

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