How Does the SmartDot Work?

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge of high-tech devices from mobile phones, computers, smart home gadgets, electric cars, high-speed networks, etc. We also expose ourselves to harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) as we enjoy these incredible devices. For this reason, several companies have come up with electromagnetic field protection technology such as SmartDot. SmartDot is a revolutionary sticker that promises to shield its users against EMF.

How does the SmartDot Work? SmartDot is designed to absorb and return harmful electromagnetic radiation, shielding you from exposure. This invention is a solution to attune EMF radiation by neutralizing the harmful frequency; thus, keeping you safe.

Scientific studies have proved that electromagnetic radiation emitted from wireless communication and other electronic devices poses a threat to our health; this article discusses the SmartDot EMF protection technology and how it works. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a SmartDot?

SmartDot is a small circular and magnetic sticker often stuck at the back of mobile phones to prevent exposure to the electromagnetic field. This sticker has been designed to retune EMF radiations making it safe and relieving you from electro-stress.

How Does the SmartDot Work

The SmartDot is a unique sticker that works without snags, as it doesn’t need to be powered or electrically charged. Once you purchase one, all you need to do is stick it at the backside of your mobile phone. Be sure to check out our SmartDot review here to find out more.

SmartDot Specifications

A SmartDot is basically a magnetic adhesive stuck at the back of any wireless communication device. There is no specific location to place it; stick it anywhere and let it work for you. Below are the technical specifications of a SmartDot:

Weight1 gram
ColorsOrange and White
Dimension34 * 34 * 1 millimeter
MaterialAcrylic Vinyl and Magnetic Sheeting
Water ResistanceYes
Operating Radius1 meter

EMFs and Its Potential Harm

Electromagnetic fields, EMFs, are invisible rays of energy often produced through the use of electrical power. It is the flow of electric current that generates EMF radiation. These radiations are produced by electronic devices such as radios, TVs, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Out of everyday use gadgets, mobile phones are the highest emitters of EMF.

According to WHO and Cancer Institute, exposure to a certain electromagnetic field level can potentially trigger severe biological effects such as cancer. Exposure to EMFs also causes electro-stress with adverse symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, dysesthesia, irritability, restlessness, lack of concentration, etc.

How a SmartDot Works

As earlier mentioned, we all know that the electromagnetic field caused by cell phones poses a risk to our health. The effects may not be realized within a short period; however, it eventually occurs. EMF causes health issues such as headaches, stress, irritation, anxiety, cervical pain, etc.

When attached to an EMF emitting device, SmartDot works by neutralizing the electromagnetic radiation produced. It filters harmful radiations and sends them back to the source, your device.

One main advantage of SmartDot is it is self-sufficient. It does not require battery power or being recharged. It also does not need replacement. While there is no precise position for sticking your SmartDot, the procedure is rather straightforward. Stick it to anywhere you feel comfortable, and it will automatically work.

Generally, SmartDots are remarkably successful at shielding the human body against the impacts of EMFs. You can use them on devices such as Smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless routers, TVs, baby monitors, gaming consoles etc.

Benefits of a SmartDot

SmartDot benefits

Typically, SmartDots have unique features that classify them as outstanding electromagnetic radiation protectors. Here are the benefits of using a SmartDot:

  1. Connects to any device – A SmartDot is an adhesive that easily sticks on any gadget. You can use it on your mobile phone, desktop phone, laptop, wireless router, etc. You do not have to worry about compatibility issues.
  2. Small and lightweight – This magnetic sticker only measures one millimeter thick. Once you stick it on your device, you’ll barely notice it is there. You’ll never need to handle it again.
  3. No replacement required – After you buy a SmartDot, there is no monthly subscription, and you also do not need to replace it after some time. Stick it on your desired device and use it until it fails.
  4. Made of non-toxic material – SmartDots are made from non-toxic and high-quality materials. The manufacturer boasts of using quantum technology to harmonize electromagnetic fields and employs only high-quality materials.
  5. Maximum EMF protection – Almost all electronic gadgets send electromagnetic radiation, and because there is nothing much we can do to stop them completely, the safest way is using a SmartDot. This way, emitted EMF radiations are filtered out, leaving you and your family protected.
  6. Relieves Electro-Stress Symptoms – Several scientific studies have shown that you could be undergoing electro-stress if you frequently experience headaches, exhaustion, muscle aches, anxiety, or other symptoms when using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. SmartDots work by neutralizing EMF radiations that cause such symptoms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Since its invention, SmartDots have caused a heated debate among many people. In this section, we answered a few of the frequently asked questions concerning SmartDots:

  • Is it safe to use a SmartDot around children?

Yes. SmartDot devices are absolutely safe and can be used around children. You can stick it on your kid’s tablet or smartphone, and since it has a strong adhesive, they won’t be able to pull it out. They are made from non-toxic materials that will not harm your child. They counter EMF radiation only.

  • Can I use my SmartDot sticker from one device to another?

The adhesive used on a SmartDot sticker is quite strong; if you have to pull it out and move it to a new device, for example, if you’re swapping your phone, it is recommended that you do it once and carefully to avoid damage.

  • Do Electromagnetic field blockers really work?

This question has caused an endless discussion among many people, from scientists, consumers, and manufacturers. Scientists believe EMF blockers, including SmartDot, work effectively. SmartDot manufacturers provide the best quality EMF blocker and guarantee 100% protection. Today, EMFs are present almost everywhere. You’ll only have peace of mind once you know you are protected.

  • Where can I buy a SmartDot?

SmartDots are available online. You can buy from the official manufacturer’s website; this guarantees you an authentic product at a fair price. You can also buy from other online stores such as Amazon.


The potential threats of electromagnetic fields in this booming era of technology are almost everywhere. In a world full of electronic gadgets, to the extent that we carry around small EMF emitters for long hours, it is vital that we stay safe and protect ourselves. The SmartDot sticker is scientifically proven to protect us from harmful EMF emissions.

If you have read through this article, we hope you now understand how a SmartDot works, its features, and the benefits that come with it. All you need to do is purchase the SmartDot sticker, stick it on your desired gadget, and you’re good to go. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing you are protected against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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