How Iran uses Bitcoin mining for evading sanctions?

Bitcoin is not created through any medium, although it is mined using a computer network and by solving complex mathematical blocks. The ones who mine bitcoin are known as miners, and they are rewarded for mining by offering a SATOSHI to miners. You can make yourself to have endless fun at online applications like ekrona app. Bitcoin uses a blockchain platform to carry out its operations. Blockchain is a decentralised platform which is out of control of any centralised financial authority. It benefits not only people but also their businesses by bypassing trade restrictions.

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The world’s fifth largest miner of bitcoin is Iran, after Malaysia, Russia, China and United States. The mining process of bitcoin requires superpower computers. These computers consume a hundred megawatts of electricity daily. Almost 85-90% of the bitcoin mining in Iran is illegal. The reason is that the Iran government has issued a license to bitcoin miners. Through a centralised license, they receive electricity at a preferred lower rate. Still, in return government wants miners to sell bitcoin, which they are extracting to the central bank of Iran. Iran’s government pays fees to the miners in return for bitcoin mining. Miners mine bitcoin illegally and don’t sell it to the government, which tremendously affects the country’s power infrastructure. Iran has banned bitcoin mining for the last few months in 2021 due to illegal mining and creating an effect on the grid during the summer seasons. 

Use of bitcoin mining by Iran for evading sanctions: –

It is assumed that around 4.5% of bitcoin mining occurs in Iran. Iran generates millions of dollars through bitcoin mining. Iran is using this money for import sanctions. It has led to a limited role of financial institutions in virtual asset transactions. Financial institutions should ensure that they should have proper sanctions over violations of sanctions.

Converting oil to crypto: –

The most basic idea to evade sanctions is converting oil to crypto. Iran exports about 61% of its total production of oil. As a bitcoin miner, it is an excellent opportunity for Iran to evade sanctions as it lacks hard cash and a surplus of oil and gas. 

Bitcoin mining consumes a large amount of electricity, as it can say that miners run electricity-hungry computers to mine bitcoin. These computers add new bitcoins to the blockchain and successfully convert power consumption into new bitcoins. Crypto is well known for its decentralised platform blockchain. As a result, blockchain payments can overpass the traditional payment system and its sanctions. 

Collaboration with Chinese business: –

In 2019 Iran officially permitted bitcoin mining, but later due to illegal mining, it issued licences, and now miners have to identify themselves. Government identification will help miners get a high reduction in electricity payments, but they are still deficient. At the same time, the government wants miners give away their BTC holding to the central bank of Iran. Due to some of the irregularities in government policies, some illegal bitcoins mining sites have been established. Later on, subsequently, firms are identified and shut down.

The subsidy in electricity rates attracted many significant inward investors, especially from china, which is known as an industry leader. Many industries are given licenses for mining bitcoin in Iran. These companies have established good relations with citizens and the army in Iran. It also provided many facilities to special economic zones of Iran, like Rafsanjan. 

Therefore Iran is selling its energy reserves worldwide using bitcoin mining and bypassing trade sanctions. The Iran-based miners accept the payment directly in bitcoin, which is later used to pay for import liability. Payment through bitcoin bypasses the sanctions imposed on Iran’s financial institutions. It is considered that most of the users making bitcoin transactions and paying fees to miners of Iran are from the U.S. 

Conclusion: –

Looking at Crypto volatility makes crypto a highly-risky investment. Iran can’t entirely depend on crypto for its import payment. One of the significant problems with bitcoin mining is the massive power consumption. About 89 terra watts of electricity is consumed annually in bitcoin mining worldwide. It has led to blackouts and power shortages in Iran. The use of crypto by Iran in its import payment will reduce dollar dominance in the international exchange system.

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