How Much Money Can You Win Playing Bingo?

Playing bingo online can be a really fun pastime, and you don’t have to learn too many skills to understand exactly how bingo works. It can be thrilling to follow along and there is often a social side to bingo, too, so you can chat with others while you play.

So, how much money do you stand to win when you play online bingo? Well, it varies depending on what site you are using. While many have fixed jackpots that are for brilliant sums of money, but not necessarily life-changing sums, there are extreme examples of some huge wins.

John Orchard playing in 2012 staked just £0.30 and made a massive £5.9 Million while another gamer called Lisa Potter managed to win £1.3 Million on a bingo win, so there are some huge wins out there.

How Bingo Games Work

How does winning a game work when you play bingo? Well, the traditional games offer you a small prize if you match one line, a bigger prize for two lines, and sometimes a huge prize if you get a full house (match all of your numbers).

Every bingo site has its own way of doing things, and some may offer prizes for other types of lines such as vertical lines versus horizontal lines, and others may give you prizes for things like matching all four corner numbers on your card.

When you start playing an online bingo game, there is usually a clear indication of how much you win, so you can see how much each of the wins are worth. This is different to some types of gambling where the winnings are a little more random, such as some forms of online slots.

Progressive or Fixed Bingo

Fixed odds for bingo means that you know exactly what each of the prizes are worth before you get started. So, being the first in that game to get a full house, or to match a full house within a certain length of time, may be worth £10,000 or $15,000 for instance. This means that you know what you are getting, and that the jackpots don’t really change.

Progressive bingo works in a similar way to progressive slots. As time goes on, the amount of money continues to build up within the game. If nobody wins it, then it continues to build up. These games for progressive prizes may only happen once in a while. For example, they might only trigger annually.

You do see some huge wins with online bingo, but it is rare that these will trigger while you are playing. It can actually be more shrewd to play the fixed versions.

Bingo has some really high-profile examples of people winning huge money, so there is a chance of getting into the millions once in a while. This happens more with slot games, but it really depends on the specific game you are playing, the bingo company you use, and of course, whether or not your luck is in.


There are many opportunities to win big on gambling, a lot of the time, the big wins come from a really small outlay and while there is no guarantee of hitting it big, there is always a chance that helps to keep it thrilling. The wins from a line or two lines can also be a decent sum of money.

There isn’t exactly a new millionaire made every minute on bingo, but it is a great fun game to play and you don’t have to invest much to get started, either.

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