How Online Casinos Have Capitalized on the Mobile Gaming Market

Mobile gaming has become a huge business over the past decade and continues to thrive. The first mobile phone games were basic and despite the popularity of Snake on Nokia devices, it was a simple game on an early device. Mobile phones have developed into mini gaming devices and today we have access to mobiles that can power incredible games. Online casinos have moved quickly to capitalize on the mobile gaming market as more people turn to their phones for gaming.

If we look at the figures for 2019, which was an uninterrupted year in terms of our daily lives, the mobile gaming industry was worth $61.7 billion. That was up from $54.7 billion in 2018 and Statista believe the mobile gaming market could be worth more than $90 billion in revenue by 2024.

Online casinos have worked hard to adapt their offering to mobile devices and why wouldn’t you when the market is worth so much money? Everi casinos are a good example and they have produced a fine range of online slot games that can be played on mobile phones and tablets. Firstly, the games are high quality, both in terms of graphics and game play. As the overall quality of mobile games has improved over the years, so has the quality of casino games. By producing gorgeous looking slots, such as those developed by Everi, people want to play the games using their mobile devices. The standard of the casino games is the most important thing and without quality games, online casinos would not be able to capitalize on the mobile gaming market.

The original, website based online casinos were not suitable for the smaller screen of a mobile phone. This was preventing online casinos from making the most of the mobile gaming market so it was crucial they created a product suitable for the smaller screen. Many of the leading online casinos have developed their own mobile applications and these can either be installed directly from the casino website or from the Google Play and App Store. The casino apps provide a user-friendly way of accessing and playing online casino games on a mobile device. The online casinos that do not have a mobile app, have created a mobile optimized website, meaning the main website changes to suit the smaller screen of a mobile phone.

Mobile casino games also need to be suitable for use on a touch screen. The controls must be intuitive and simple. When playing casino games, you do not want to be tapping the screen multiple times before hitting the desired button. Furthermore, you do not want to be pressing the wrong button by mistake, so the design of mobile casino games is crucial to their success. By spending the time and investing money to make the casinos and casino games suitable for mobile devices, online casinos have capitalized on the mobile gaming market.

Casino game developers keep innovating and that has led to the introduction of live casino gaming on mobile phones. Mobile gamers like to play social games, with multiplayer gaming becoming hugely popular in recent years. Online casinos have taken advantage of the popularity of multiplayer mobile gaming by introducing real dealer casino games that are playable on mobile devices. These games include a real person dealing the cards and the game is played live, sometimes with other people from around the world depending on the nature of the game. Playing casino games with a real dealer on a mobile phone was unthinkable a decade ago and highlights how online casinos have exploited the mobile gaming market.

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