How Service Providers can provide 360-Degrees of Cyber Security

It is estimated that the number of malware attacks against businesses today doubles by the year, with approximately 100 attacks happening in America every minute. Not every attack is successful, and this is due to a number of factors. Companies that adopt a 360 degrees approach to cybersecurity are able to successfully circumvent cyberattacks most of the time.

Still, the threats and the loopholes remain in networks and systems such that the need grows stronger every year. Malware attacks are expected to double every year, and with that comes the increasing need for robust cybersecurity solutions like Symantec Endpoint Security. Learn more about how to bring this peace of mind into your home or business today.

What is 360 Degrees Cybersecurity?

Today, cyber attacks are happening at the speed in which they are happening because the digital world functions at the same speed. Thus, a comprehensive approach to solving these problems is ideal, and this involves the full circle approach to cybersecurity known as 360 degrees cybersecurity. Today’s attacks are both fresh and repurposed. When one attack is successful, they are reused again on new victims.

When a company or home experiences a cyberattack, it costs the company time and money during the crisis, but it can also bring a company to a complete stop without the right solutions. Today’s methods of malware attacks, ransomware, DNS intrusions, and network invasions are becoming more sophisticated than they ever have been. Every company needs to have a full circle solution on deck in order to protect them from these attacks.

This includes point-to-point solutions such as firewall, encryption methods, DNS protection, backups to prevent data loss, and network intelligence providing network security to start.

Firewalls and Encryption Methods Work

If your company has never experienced a cyberattack, it can be easy to get into the mindset that it won’t happen to you. But the data shows that it can. Among the easiest methods of cybersecurity is the use of firewalls. This is a security method that will filter and monitor incoming network data to block and prevent threats from getting past the wall. It is the gatekeeper between your system and the outside world, and they work.

Adding encryption methods to firewall methods increases the security level by scrambling the incoming data so that it is only readable by your end users. While there are hackers sophisticated enough to decipher encrypted data, those are not as wide in number as the everyday malware attempt working to infiltrate your system. And, even when hackers can decipher your data, they still need advanced methods of getting to it. A firewall with encryption measures in place are two pieces of the pie in 360 degrees cybersecurity.

The Importance of Network Security

Every business and almost every home in America is on a network where more than one device is using tunnels and funnels to send and receive data. These tunnels are where the hackers are trying to create cracks and loopholes. You need a system that offers network security and solutions through the use of technology to fill in those gaps and prevent intrusions. Adding backup methods to prevent data loss to your daily operations helps significantly increase your level of network security.

The cybersecurity firm Allot provides a 360 degree approach to network security, and has prevented over 11 billion attacks since its inception. This is a company with a comprehensive approach to securing your systems and your data as their primary function. This is the kind of tool you want with your business when you worry about endless malware attacks.

Enable Web Content Filtering and DNS Protection

Web content filtering is the process of blocking websites on your network and the devices of your end users so that they can not access sites that would be malicious or harmful. This is simply a matter of applying filters on the network and on every device that accesses the Internet.

DNS protection is the protection of Domain Name Systems that take a domain and turn it into an IP address that can be read in data tunnels universally. It makes the Internet easier to use, but hackers are scrambling DNS pathways to bring websites down. The Department of Homeland Security is now aware and issuing policy on how to defend your business against this kind of hijacking. You can use tools such as a virtual private network to start your DNS protection methods, but there are many that you can add to secure your point to point connections.

Adopt 360 Degrees Cybersecurity Today

When you need to protect your business from today’s intrusions, a comprehensive solution offering you 360 degrees of protection will give you the most peace of mind. The more security you have, the more you decrease your risk of attack. Consider adopting a 360 degrees approach to cybersecurity today.

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