How To Calculate Teen Patti Game Odds -2023

The Indian subcontinent is the birthplace of the timeless card game Teenpatti. The game is very similar to “Three Card Poker,” which you may be familiar with if you’re a poker veteran.

A Teenpatti online game has many great facets, the first being its simplicity. We guarantee that by the time you finish reading this Teenpatti game guide, you will be a Teen Patti master, no matter where you are in terms of skill right now.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

If you’re familiar with the name Teen Patti, you probably know there is a web-based adaptation that is remarkably close to the original Indian game. The game has the same hand ranking ( the order of poker rankings (from the highest to the lowest) as its traditional Indian counterpart and is available at most of the casinos we recommend.

We’ve included a handy Teenpatti online game hand rankings cheat sheet. This handy reference guide is available for desktop and mobile downloads and may be referred to throughout online play.

Let’s get started with Teen Patti’s hand rankings:

  • To Begin a Trail or Begin a Set
  • Sequences that are in pure order
  • Continuity/Progress
  • Colour
  • Pair

Let’s look at the different hands’ values and the required card combinations to make those hands.

High Card

It is clear from this table that there are only six types of winning hands in Teen Patti. The hands can be different within each category, but they will all be ranked similarly.

Trail or Set

A Trail or Set is sometimes called a Trio or Three of a Kind. For this hand to exist, you must have three identical cards. Trails consisting of three aces are the best possible trail, while three 2s are the worst possible trail.

Pure Sequence

A Straight Flush in Teen Patti is equivalent to a Pure Sequence in poker. If you have three identical cards in a row, you have a straight flush (symbol).

The highest-ranking Pure Sequence consists of the same-coloured Ace, King, and Queen, while the lowest-ranking Pure Sequence consists of the 4-3-2.

Sequence (Run)

Teen Patti hands, as we’ve come to expect, are all reminiscent of poker hands without actually having the same name.

A straight-in Teen Patti is called a Sequence or a Run. You need three identical cards in a row to make this hand. For this type of Sequence, colour is irrelevant.

Sequences ranked A-K-Q at the top and 4-3-2 at the bottom.

Colour (Flush)

In Teen Patti, the Flush (or Colour, as it’s called) is worth less than the Straight. In case you’ve never played before, “Colour” refers to a set of three cards sharing the same symbol.

If more than one player (including the dealer) has the same colour, the number is irrelevant in determining a winner. A-K-J in the same colour is the highest-ranked Hue, whereas 5-3-2 in the same colour is the lowest-ranked colour.

Pair (Two of a kind)

In Teen Patti, a pair is the second-lowest-ranking and second-easiest hand to get. Two identical cards are required to form a Pair.

When playing Teen Patti, the highest-ranking Pair is A-A-K with the K as the kicker (high card), and the lowest ranking Pair is 2-2-3 with the three as the kicker (low card).

High Card

Similar to poker, the worst possible hand in Teen Patti is called “High Card.” That makes perfect sense, given that “High Card” is the moniker given to the hand that consists entirely of random numbers.

High Cards have no more than three of the same signs, with A-K-J being the highest and 5-4-2 being the lowest.

How Betting Works in Online Teen Patti

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of Teen Patti, including the rules and the odds of getting certain combinations of cards, let’s move on to another fundamental skill – how to play teen Patti. Here, we’ll examine Teen Patti’s betting system in further detail.

There are many wagers you need to place for participating in the game, they are laid out below, organised by type.

The Fee to Enter (Ante)

For each hand, there is typically an entrance charge. Ante or boot amount are common names for this charge.

Each player can put up the same amount as an ante, or one can put up a more significant amount to start the round.

Since it is acceptable for any player to quit the table at any time, the ante in the online casino version will be fixed regardless of how many people are playing.

The ante you put up will set the floor for your future bets.

Raise Your Hand and Ring the Bell (Chaal)

Once you’ve been dealt your cards, you can either call the bet or raise it. If you play Teen Patti online, once you put up an ante, the dealer will distribute cards to everyone at the table.

Keep in mind that when making this choice, you only compete against the dealer and no other online players.

Call by betting the same amount as your ante if you still think you can beat the dealer. To “raise”, increase your bet by the same amount you put down as the “ante.”

Online vs Real-Life Betting in Teen Patti

If you’re familiar with the table version of Teen Patti, you may have noted that the Post bet and the Blind bet aren’t included in the betting process when playing online.

After taking a break, players are required to make a mandatory bet, known as the “post bet.” In real life, a blind is a forced stake that operates similarly to Ante in poker.

Another distinction is that you compete just against the dealer rather than other players in the latter.


At present, the Teen Patti game is available at almost all online casinos. However, making informed decisions by knowing the game odds is crucial. This article discussed the hand rankings you need to know for calculating the game odds correctly.

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