How to Change the Format of Photos on Your iPhone

Photos on the iPhone are almost always bright, juicy and in excellent quality. But what format are they then converted to and how are they stored? Here, what is the default photo format on the iPhone, how to change it as simply as playing at Woo Casino or how to convert photos to the desired format.

The Default Photo Format

Starting with iOS 11, Apple switched its devices’ cameras to the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF), setting it as default.

It’s a standard developed in 2015. Pictures taken in this format weigh little and take up little memory, and their color and quality look better.

And while it’s convenient for storing files, it’s not at all suitable for publishing images online, where more traditional formats, such as JPEG, are used.

Devices from other manufacturers don’t support this format either. If you send a HEIF-formatted picture to a friend with a Windows, outdated Android, he won’t be able to open your files.

If you regularly send photos and videos to friends and family who don’t have the latest iOS devices, it’s best to switch your iPhone camera to the most compatible format. It will allow you to create frames and videos in high resolution and share them with whomever you want.

How to Convert Photo Format From HEIC to JPEG

To save images on your iPhone in JPEG format, follow the instructions:

  • Open Settings and go to Camera.
  • Select Formats.
  • Change the camera format to the most compatible format.

The Most Compatible setting will automatically save images as JPEG files and video in H264 format.

How to convert from HEIC to JPEG already prepared files

There are several ways to change the format of media files on your iPhone.

Through the Files Or Documents App

First, go to Photos and select the frames to convert to JPEG. Check them off and select the “Copy” option.

Now open the “Files” application and create a new folder there, where you move the photos. To do this, click the “+” icon at the bottom right, select “New Folder” and name it.

Next, click on the folder icon, then “Paste” and move the media files you have already copied. They will show up in that folder and will be automatically converted to JPEG.

Photo Editing App

Photo editors for iOS, such as Adobe Lightroom CC, support opening HEIC files. Upload your desired pictures to the app, then export them in JPEG or other supported format.

Send Photos by Mail

The built-in Mail app in iOS automatically converts all attached HEIC images to JPEG format when sent, even if the “Actual Size” quality is selected.

Via Dropbox

If you use Dropbox to automatically upload photos from your iPhone, you can set the service to convert files to JPEG before uploading.

Via OneDrive

Similar to Dropbox, OneDrive can convert your HEIC files to JPEG format before uploading. You don’t need to configure anything here, since the service converts selected files to JPEG by default.

Image Conversion App

Paid and free apps that can convert HEIC images to JPEG are available in the App Store. Enter the search query “HEIC to JPEG format” in the App Store and the system will give you many programs.


Now you know how to switch the photo saving format yourself and choose the right one for your needs. You also know how to convert your finished photos from one format to another. Use the capabilities of your “apple” gadgets to the maximum!

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