How to Create a Business Presence in the UK?

Are you someone who is looking to expand their business and by expand, you mean to create your business presence in the UK? If so, you are on the right web page then. This article will tell you everything you need to know about setting up office space and the need for owning a cNumber virtual number with needed configuration for your business, e.g. one with the telephone area code 0161.

Telecommunication: The Key to Uninterrupted Business Communication

Long gone are the days when having an office space was the most important factor when expanding overseas. Today, organizations can work from home and would do it as effectively as they operate from their offices. Whether it is about connecting with their teams or the customers, telecommunication has simplified all.

Employees can be at distant locations and still collaborate to complete a project or close a deal. And a major role here is played by the virtual phone numbers by cNumber.

What is a virtual phone number?

The next question that arises is what exactly is a virtual phone number? Unlike the traditional landline numbers, virtual numbers are hosted over the cloud and not restricted to a region or locality. These numbers facilitate calls over the internet protocol and are known to provide a better calling experience.

When expanding your business to a different city or a region, all you would need is a virtual phone number to make calls to a specific country. For instance, if you wish to set up a new office in Manchester, you would need a virtual number and the area code 0161 to make calls to the same. Most people know what are the business days.

Isn’t that easy?

What’s more fascinating here is that virtual numbers aren’t only about making calls. Instead, they offer a wide range of features that further streamlines communication and simplifies engagement.

Four Reasons Virtual Phone Numbers are a must When Creating Your Business’s Presence

Low call rates

Setting up multiple lines of communication comes with a barrage of cost. For small scale organizations or the startup companies, meeting up the economical rates becomes tough. This is where having a virtual phone number seems a good move.

These come with a monthly subscription plan and all you need to do is select one that maps your needs. Once you have purchased the plan, no additional cost would be levied on any number of calls you make (depending upon the plan offerings).

Loads of features

Apart from providing the ease to make calls, virtual phone numbers offer another list of features. From call forwarding to call transferring, automated response, and voicemail transcripts, virtual phone numbers come with features that account for customer trust.

For instance, suppose that a customer is calling an agent. The fact that he is unable to answer the call, the same is transferred to the next active agent. This way your customers will never have to wait to get served.

Global Footprint

Another fascinating feature of a virtual phone number is that it allows you to connect with customers from different regions. For example, If you wish to expand your business from region A to region B, all you need to do is purchase the virtual phone number for that region and done. This way you can create your business’s presence in multiple locations without spending much.

Remote Access

Remember the last time your customers were calling the executive but he/she couldn’t answer the call as they weren’t at the desk? This happens all the time. However, having a virtual business phone number helps you remain active at all hours of the day.

These numbers aren’t limited to the office desk but can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This way your business will remain active throughout the day and none of your customers would complain about the unavailability of your services.


Expanding your business overseas might come to you as a huge concern. From what should you do and how there are multiple things that you must cater to. And communication happens to be the most important.

A cNumber virtual phone number here simplifies all for you. Select the right operator for telephone area code 0161 and so on, and get started with doing business from multiple locations in the UK.

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