How to Ease Traveling With Gadgets: Top 7 Devices

Your phone is the first thing you need while traveling. But it’s not the only gadget that can ease your trip. Here are the greatest devices to buy for your journey.

Sunglasses With Speakers

Sunglasses that look like classic, classically shaped sunglasses that block 99% of UV rays. But their frame hides built-in miniature speakers that point toward your ears and are virtually inaudible to others. The smart accessory connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to listen to music and respond like a special agent by pressing a button on the earpiece.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Headphones with active noise canceling can help you survive the flight without screaming babies and unintentional “eavesdropping” on other people’s conversations. Wireless headphones are held in the ear by an anatomical shape. The standard choice is AirPods, but there are also decent analogues, for example, from realme. The charge capacity is enough for about five hours – just enough time for a flight to distant lands or an interesting audiobook. And with a fully-charged case, the headphones will last up to 25 hours, and just 10 minutes in the case will extend their work by two hours.

External Keyboard for Your Tablet/Smartphone

If you’re keeping your travel blog, planning to do a little work while traveling, would like to enjoy gambling at Hellspin Casino while going to a journey, or have been pondering a novel idea for a long time, it’s easier to get a compact wireless keyboard for your smartphone than to lug your laptop. For example, lightweight keyboards connect via USB receiver or sync via Bluetooth with two devices at once. The smartphone can be placed on a built-in stand. The gadget already has 15 built-in function keys that allow you to launch office applications or a web browser.

A wireless Audio Speaker

What’s the soundtrack to your trip? A wireless speaker can accompany you on a camping trip as well as at a pool party. Despite weighing less than a kilogram, the speaker produces a loud, rich sound and fits in any travel bag. And it isn’t afraid of splashes and impacts, as the speaker housing is rubberized in accordance with water protection standard IPX7.


Holidays with animals are gaining momentum, and enthusiasts are even charting dog friendly places. There are also special gadgets for looking after animals. In an unfamiliar environment under the onslaught of new experiences, even the most obedient dog can get confused. A tracker no bigger than a coin can be discreetly attached to the dog’s collar and monitor his walks through the app. The satellite module tracks geolocation and sends a push if the pet goes outside the allowed area. Such trackers are equipped with a microphone, speaker and SIM card slot. If the pet runs away, there is a chance to contact people nearby or reassure the lost pet with a voice. Even useful when traveling on the beach or backpacking, this gadget has an IP67 rating for protection against moisture and dirt.

External Battery

To find yourself in an unfamiliar city with a discharged phone is a situation, to put it mildly, uncomfortable, because a smartphone is a means of communication, and camera, and navigator. So it is useful to bring the power bank. It’s better to give preference to powerful, but lightweight gadgets. For example, the Xiaomi Fast Charge external battery weighs less than 300g, with fast charging function and will allow you to connect two devices at once, and its capacity is 10000 mAh.

Universal Adapter for Power Outlets

Each country has its standard of plugs and voltage in the power grid. Of course, you can prepare and buy the adapter for your destination (and at the same time to collect a nice collection, if you are an avid traveler). But the universal adapter is called a universal one because it supports outlets in as many as 150 countries. It can be used to charge your phone and all travel devices.

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