How to Find the Best Online Casino App

Ever since the earliest days of the online casino industry, finding the perfect place to play has always required a small investment of your time if you wanted to avoid wasting your money. You may think that the days of the rogue casino are long gone in today’s highly regulated markets, but think again; mobile apps have opened up a new front in the war between the good guys and the rogues. Sadly, as long as there is money to be made there will always be bad actors who are willing to break the law to separate hard-working people from their money.

But it isn’t all bad news! If you treat finding the best online casino app the same way you would any other purchase of a service, you can quickly narrow down the number of options before taking a pick from your shortlist according to whichever metrics are of most importance to you personally. A little time spent doing your research will ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money, and it may also prevent you from wasting your time dealing with an unscrupulous company. In some cases, it might even save you a small fortune!

Back to Basics: Who IS This?

After more than two decades of widespread internet use, the majority of everyday people now understand that the world wide web can end up being more of a worldwide wild west. With every year that passes, it becomes ever more difficult for scammers to exploit people via email, shady links, and dodgy websites.

The App Store and Google Play store are a godsend for the people running these scams, as they can often lend a feeling of legitimacy to the software being offered for download. Don’t be fooled – it is simply impossible for every one of the millions of apps on offer to be properly scrutinised before they are listed.

You should treat every app you install the same way you would a regular online casino website – are they properly licensed to offer gambling services in your country or region? Who owns the casino behind the app? And is the app you have downloaded definitely the official, correct software of the online casino you think it is? That might sound a little far-fetched, but again, you should never underestimate the lengths that some people will go to to steal your money.

After you finish checking out the credentials of the app and its corresponding online casino, that’s when you can move on.

News, Updates, and Notifications

When an online casino tries to make an app on the cheap, they might decide to cut a few corners to save on development costs.  One such possible “corner” might be to skip any kind of “latest news” feature and functionality, as it could be deemed as unessential to players who only want to play the games as quickly as possible. You might even feel okay with something like this – who wants all those messages and stuff popping up all the time anyway?

The problem with taking this view, however, is that you are likely to miss out on the latest promotions or other one-off events that the casino is giving to the players who are using the “full fat” client or website. Even if you have no interest in accepting a bonus promotion, there is a chance that something like this could be added to your balance after depositing without you noticing which will stop you from requesting a withdrawal later on. You always want to know what is going on at the casino each day – it need only take a minute or two.

Full Selection of Games

The slots are the biggest money earners for the online casinos, but that doesn’t mean they are the only games that players will be interested in. If you enjoy breaking up your session with a few hands of blackjack, spins of the roulette wheel, or games of video poker, you would ideally like those types of games to be available inside the app you are using to play. Unfortunately, there are plenty of online casinos that take the easiest route to market when it comes to their mobile app. This will often mean that they only include the most popular and profitable games, instead of porting the full library that is available on their website.

Don’t settle for a second rate experience – check that all of your favourite games are available inside the app, including the table games, live dealer games, and anything else that you are interested in.

And Finally…

Check that you are being awarded the same comps inside the mobile app that you would be if you were playing on the website or desktop client! If the casino has a VIP or points scheme, you should be earning just as many points on the app – some casinos might even give you a handful more! The best apps will also include a VIP section that allows you to check your current player level, number of points, and the status of any perks that you receive because of your current level.

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