How to Get an Online Prescription with Telemedicine

The health system distinguishes two main classes of drugs. On the one hand, there are over-the-counter drugs, the purchase, and dispensation of which do not require a medical prescription, and on the other hand, prescription drugs, the purchase of which requires possession of a valid prescription.

The legislator wanted to ensure that a health specialist supervises the delivery and use of drugs in this second category because they can be harmful if misused.

A medical prescription is an act by which a health professional (doctor, midwife, nurse, etc.) prescribes treatment, a medical device, or a spa treatment to a patient.

This act, which is essential in the health system, will subsequently be performed by another health professional, then by the patient himself. Once the prescription has been prescribed, the patient goes to the pharmacy or another medical service in order to buy his medicine, undergo an examination, or receive a cure. It constitutes proof that the patient has been examined by a doctor.

Nowadays, online consultation is on the boom. Even you can shop for contact lenses at designer optics once you consult with your doctor and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Inviting telemedicine, that is to say, remote consultation by videoconference, into your daily professional life, sometimes raises questions about possible prescriptions. Moreover, buying medicine from an Online Pharmacy is not a big issue today as there are several of them out there.

However, as the Health Insurance recalls, at the end of a teleconsultation, you can establish a diagnosis and, if necessary, a prescription. In most cases, the physical examination is not necessary and can be compensated for by longer interrogation and self-measuring devices for example.

What can be prescribed in Telemedicine?

Teleconsultation has been encouraged for the past few years by the health authorities, through its integration into the care pathway. Beyond its reimbursement in the same way, as a consultation in the office, it also makes it possible to make a diagnosis and therefore a prescription.

At the end of the interview with the patient, you can therefore establish all the necessary prescriptions :

  • A drug prescription;
  • One or more additional examinations;
  • A secure prescription;
  • A prescription renewal;
  • A work stoppage ;
  • A prescription for physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc. ;
  • A prescription for a medical device, glasses, or orthopedic insoles for example;
  • A medical certificate ;
  • Etc;

Prescription restrictions remain the same as in the office, namely the impossibility of prescribing or renewing certain hospital drugs, for example, and the need to do a physical examination.

How is the prescription in Telemedicine?

The teleconsultation prescription can be deposited electronically in a secure space where the patient can retrieve it. It can also be sent in paper format by post or collected at the office depending on the type of prescription or your patient’s availability.

In the U.S, in recent years, there have been many telemedicine online and doctor consultation services that emerged online.

QuickRxRefill is U.S based telemedicine company that allows the client to benefit from all the services of a consulting doctor firm without having to travel. Far from being an affordable medical service, the platform allows its users to see a real doctor and receive a prescription or renew the existing prescription online for the ailment they are suffering from. Fast and highly confidential, consultations on this online platform accessible here: https://www.quickrxrefill.com/ is a real gift for those whose time is limited.

Concerned about the well-being and safety of its customers, the service only works with certified U.S doctors who are regularly registered with the appropriate medical association. Whether it is sexually transmitted infections, erectile problems or urinary tract infections, QuickRxRefill specialists are there and offer the right solution. The medical team includes both specialists and general practitioners. All these skills are brought together to offer the patient a tailor-made treatment.

How the platform works

The patient who wishes to refile or obtain a prescription online receives a medical questionnaire on which appears a set of questions intended to diagnose the illness from which he is suffering. These questions are the same as those asked in a doctor’s office and the patient is invited to answer them with as much detail as possible. Once this step is completed, the questionnaire is submitted to a doctor who studies it carefully to determine what the patient is suffering from. Also, they use helpful healthcare tools like intellitools.com.br to organize details, inventory and services.

Prescribing a prescription requires the prescriber to consult the patient beforehand. He will ask him questions and then perform a physical exam. If necessary, he will require certain medical examinations before making a diagnosis. A well-made diagnosis is, in fact, essential to prescribe an effective treatment.

After prescribing the prescription online, the doctor is required to monitor the patient in order to check the effectiveness of the treatment and to adapt it if necessary. All these precautions allow rapid recovery of the patient and a limitation of the harmful effects.

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