How to Install Android Chrome Extension

How to Install Android Chrome Extension

Google Chrome is worlds the most popular browser and Chrome Web Store is one of the most popular browser extension and software. In this article we are going to discuss How to Install Android Chrome Extension. You will discover Chrome Extension utilization on a massive scale when it comes to the Desktop browsers however Google doesn’t have one of these auxiliary help for Chrome Web Store for its Android Browser. And there seems no any plan from the Google to roll out such a assist in future.

But these days I will inform a very easy and reliable technique to install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser with none root or tweak. Just with the assist of a one-of-a-kind browser which accepts add-on installation from Chrome Store. Also, you should check out the best chromebook under 300$ 2021. The browser might not support all the Chrome extensions which is very much obvious due to exclusive natures of Desktop and Mobile cellphone net.

ndroid chrome extensions
Use Google Chrome Extension or Add-On In Android Phone Without Root 🔥
How to put in android chrome extensions
Android chrome extensions can’t be installed on Google chrome browser. It have to need any other browser to run chrome extensions.

The high-quality browser for android chrome extensions is Mozilla Firefox browser.
You could experience each Mozilla Firefox extensions and google chrome extensions on this browser.
Follow all given steps to allow android chrome extensions.

Steps to Install :
Note : First enable desktop web site from sidebar in any other case it’ll not works.

1: Install Mozilla firefox from playstore ( Don’t deploy beta model , most effective deploy full model).
2: Now replica this url : https://addons.Mozilla.Org/en-GB/android/ and paste it on firefox seek bar and run .

3: Another page could be opened .

Android chrome extensions
four: Put ” Chrome keep foxified ” in seek subject and click on ok.

5: Click on first item.

Android chrome extensions
6: Now Click “+ Add to Firefox”.

7: It will start downloading addon.After downloading open Addons from settings and permit it.

8: After activating addon “Chrome Store foxified” visit google enable desktop mode and seek “Chrome net store”.

Nine: Open chrome webstore website online and search for chrome extension you want to use.

10: Now enjoy android chrome extensions in mozilla firefox .

Best android chrome extensions :
Here is the listing of nice chrome extensions.

It blocks marketing businesses.
Loads webpages extra quicker.
More privateness over internet.

HTTPS Everywhere
By the use of this extension no person can hijack the data sent between you and the web server.

Date saver
Data saver extension can save some of bandwidth (some bytes or bit ).
It clear out the internet visitors thru a server and it compresses the whole thing that is despatched to you.

scriptsafe affords cozy surfing enjoy.
It makes browsing faster through now not permitting unwanted scripts that run on your browser.

Pocket extension saves articles offline for later reading.
If you each day study more articles from the websites , Pocket will be a excellent option for you.


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  1. I truely enjoy your articles Joshua hit the ball out of the park with this list. Something for everyone.

    I have these stapled to my browser:
    Greenlanes sitemap tools – analysis of a sitemap page
    Social Blade – youtube SEO stats
    Loom – for creating quick tutorials

    Love your work

  2. “Thanks for the article- it was very informative. I have been using my Canon scanner’s own software.
    I just tried the printer context method, which worked fine for me. The Scan app doesn’t work for me. The Preview only shows a fraction of the document, and the Scan button returns an error every time. (I’m using Win 10 upgraded from Win 8.1, and killed the app and reloaded from the store. No joy). In any event, I’m more than happy with the printer context option!”

  3. Thanks for doing the research on these extensions and presenting them so clearly. I’m not a fan of Chrome, but Wikiwand and Dark Reader could be useful for me.

    By the way, do you have any recommendations on how to save comments from YouTube that extend more than a screen? From recipes to DIY to politics, I occasionally would like to save a long comment. I’ve been making do with the scroll capture feature on my Samsung phone but would like the comment as text, not an image. Do you know of any Android app that would provide this functionality? Thanks.

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