How to make a website that everyone likes?

Have you been learning custom web development lately? Wondering how to make a website that can have an impact on the views? Then, worry not friend, you have landed the right place.

A website genuinely thrives when its design contributes to its user experience, functionality, and suitably matches its content. It’s all too tempting to dismiss these upgrades as the lowest priority, but a great website that has both high-performing content and an amazing user experience must strike a balance.

Moreover, the last thing you want is to spend time creating fantastic content for your blog or service pages only to have it go unrecognised due to design errors, navigation challenges, unclear layouts, or missed conversion possibilities.

However, the umbrella of website user experience encompasses a lot, and it might be difficult to grasp everything while determining the most critical items to address.

So, what exactly do you need to know to begin enhancing your site design is all stated in this small write up.

Tip-1: Make A Website That Loads Fast

In today’s world, people would have anything to everything, but what they are short of, is time. In this fast-paced world, time is very important, people do not want to wait for anything or stand in queues to get served. The same is the case with websites, on an average, people wait only for 2 seconds for a website to load. If it doesn’t load with that much amount of time, they just hit the back button and visit your competitor’s website. Therefore, the fast loading speed of the website is much needed and is the non-negotiable feature.

Tip-2: Responsive Design

Many people confuse responsive design being the ability of the website to respond in revert of the action that a user takes, however, it’s not the case. Responsive design means that a website should have the ability to adjust its components when viewed on devices of different sizes to maintain its visual appeal. It is a must-have skill for a person who does custom web development, as most of the people use their phones to visit any website, therefore, it becomes more important to have a good looking website on mobile phones along with desktop or laptop.

Furthermore, many people have started using their smartwatches for surfing the internet to some extent, similarly, there are thousands of devices of different sizes, therefore, responsiveness has become one thing that cannot be neglected at any cost.

Tip-3: Visual Hierarchy In Components

When you visit a professional and well-developed website, you must notice that some texts are big and bold, some buttons are activated while others are not. Have you ever wondered why? This is to maintain the visual hierarchy. The text and buttons, which hold the utmost priority are highlighted so that these are the first components that grab the users attention. Not so important texts and other components are not highlighted to avoid user distraction from the main services that are offered.

Tip-4: White Space Is Important

White space is the room that you leave empty around every component. It’s not like that it should be white, it is just the space that each component is acquiring on a web page. If you have a lot of things to put up on a web page, just don’t mush it all up in the header section only, let each component have its own adequate space so that all the features or elements grab equal attention of the viewer. 

Having white space around components is a necessary and underrated aspect of custom web development. It gives time to the user to consume everything going onboard, increases their attention and gives them time to analyse each and everything.

Tip-5: Have A Consistent Design

If your website has a component that is going to show up on all the pages of the website the user will visit, like the navigation bar and footer, then the design of all of these components needs to be the same for all the pages. If their design is varying as the pages are changing then there are more chances that the user will get confused and will find himself lost in a load of web pages.

You would definitely not want your users to find it difficult for them to reach the page they desire, as it can pave the way of their frustration towards your website. Therefore, maintain the consistency of your design throughout all pages of the website.

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