How to prevent smartphone from physical damage

The first thought after purchasing a expensive smartphone is of its security. Protecting your mobile from theft and physical
damage becomes a prime concern.According to some reports over 200,000 mobile phones are damaged or stolen everyday. You can never rely on the probability that your phone will never fall into this figure.
Today we re covering protecting your device from physical damages. In later posts we will cover data security.


1.Use a Tempered glass protector for the screen

With the improvement in technology, there are now better ways to protect your mobile screen. We have already seen screen-guards for smartphones.Screen guards just protect against scratches and are of hardly any utility when it comes to protection frmo cracks. With advent in technology we now have better ways to guard the screen-tempered glass.They are about 0.5mm thick and a little drawback is that you will feel that extra screen when you use your phone but on the plus side there is a fair chance you will not end up with a cracked screen. In case of a fall, the glass will take up the damage and protect your screen and ofcourse the cost of replacing tempered glass is a lot cheaper than that of replacing device’s screen.

2.  Cover the sides with a bumper

Use a phone cover or a bumper to protect the corners of the phone. These will make sure that if the phone well, the edges are not damaged. The covers do not do a great job of protecting the screen so a tempered glass cover in addition to a bumper will be a good safeguard. There are some very trendy bumpers and covers out there which will increase your fashion quotient along with securing your device.

3. Get Insurance

This is a upcoming trend in India in mobile domain. Many high end mobile buyers brush aside insurance considering it as useless or waste of money. But I suggest of your are going for a premium model then do get a insurance. It will keep you stress free. There are some reliable companies offering comprehensive plans in this field. The quotes start from something as low as 599 per year to 2500 per year for high end phones. This covers theft, water/fluid damange, fire, burglary, accidental damage etc. Some of them offering single day replacement as well. I would say that a fair price if you cant live without your phone for even a single day

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