How to rent the budget dedicated server

Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap… This word is everywhere explainable because of growing inflation and the desire of people to save money for life. We decided to answer the question of how to rent the server beneficially.

Of course, remember that the word cheap doesn’t mean something terrible. Yes, certain components in these configurations have been discontinued in manufacturing, but some are still operable and capable. The separate units have a game frequency of 3,5 GHz, enough to cover most tasks.

Way 1 – Buy something on eBay

In the electronic market, eBay offers a lot of servers. Indeed, it contains many fraudulent advertisements, and the inexpensive goods may be deplorable. But often, you may find affordable equipment that doesn’t fit your demands. We don’t recommend using this method until you try the following techniques or consult experts.

Way 2 – from low to high

This notion is abstract and determines the social status or capitalization of the human. The author considers $68 the reasonable price for cheap dedicated server hosting, while others say that $999 is extremely cheap. Our advice – choose the lowest tariff in the category. If you study the category of streaming servers, it will be the Pro Stream plan for $269 per month. This configuration will be the starting point for your streaming popularity. Increase the specifications step-by-step till you reach the required maximum.

Most of our plans are configurable. That means you can add the RAM modules or storage capacity till the potential ends. And yes, it’s cheaper sometimes to rent two servers with equal specifications than double in size your existing one.

Way 3 – choose discounts and sales

The next way is the discount or sales programs. They bring discontinued but operable components that can still perform different business tasks. Some enthusiasts build productive calculating machines cheaper than they expected. However, it’s often a challenge to find the appropriate equipment.

These servers are often unconfigurable. This term means varying IP addresses and bandwidth in rare cases. All other parameters are constant. Thus, you will receive 16 GB of random access memory and 500 GB of SSD space, but no more accompanists as an option. The equipment’s veteran age is the reason for this factor.

Top 5 criteria of the respected provider

Don’t hurry to rent a budget dedicated server from the first visited website. Study it carefully and find these features of the respected hosting provider:

  • It has a regularly updated news department. The latest post must be no longer than three months ago. Such frequency can be considered as proof that prices are still actual and the provider continues the work.
  • The headers and footers provide transparent contact and legal information. It supposes office locations, phones, and email. Check the email on services like whois to verify the email is correct. Try to scan the phones in messengers and addresses in Google Maps.
  • The respected provider will locate its data centers in the loyal to people countries and territories. These are European Union, the USA, and so on. Try to avoid the operators with data centers in dictator countries because they will not only read your logs but block the content if they see the danger for that country.
  • The provider guarantees at least 1 GBps port bandwidth. The unmetered or unlimited status doesn’t matter much, but the latter is preferable. Most operators in the western world reached this level.

VSYS Host corresponds to all these parameters. We have data centers in Ukraine and the Netherlands. The range of possible bandwidths is between 1 and 100 GB. Even more, we’re friendly to cryptocurrencies and provide DMCA-ignored hosting plans. Call us right now!

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