How to Secure your Android Phones using a VPN

It is undeniable that the web consumes a significant portion of our days. We rely on connectivity, especially entertainment, studying, and learning. The web can do a great deal of good; however, it can also make us vulnerable to hackers.

It is especially relevant if you’re accessing public free Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Cybercriminals and others who have access to the open internet can monitor your internet behavior.

In this blog, we will demonstrate how to set up a VPN on your android phone, followed by a list of Android VPNs. But let’s first contemplate the rationale behind employing a VPN on Android.

Why is a VPN necessary for Android Phones?

Using a VPN for your Android smartphone could be a sensible move as it allows you to enjoy a digital life without being detected by cyber criminals.

In short, a VPN conceals your digital presence while encrypting your data to safeguard against identity fraud and even the theft of credentials and other sensitive data. The encrypted data is transmitted through a channel to VPN servers scattered across the globe to enhance security and privacy.

Furthermore, due to its efficacy, neither your internet service provider nor other 3rd parties search results can get your information.

A VPN can also be advantageous if you appreciate watching content on your smartphone but frequently suffer geo-restriction. You can access geo-blocked content as a VPN modifies your IP address to another nation’s IP where the material is accessible.

Is there a Build-in VPN on Android Phones

You can employ the built-in Vpn software or a classic VPN on an Android smartphone. To ensure a secured broadband connection, the inbuilt VPN utilizes a wide range of protocol packages, namely L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP. You can also check out how does L2TP works.

Unfortunately, you must manually activate the inbuilt VPN, which may be challenging. A VPN app could thus be a viable solution if you lack technical expertise. One such app is available on the Google Play Store, namely McAfee Mobile Security.

Similarly, you can choose an app if:

Installing a VPN via an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system

-Using the use of VPN options to establish a different Vpn for your business profile or personal information

-Employing VPN technologies that the client does not allow may offer you additional connection chances

Configuring a VPN onto an Android Phone

We’ll educate you about manually establishing a VPN or installing it using an app, depending on your bandwidth demands & technological expertise.

Method to Manually Configure VPN on an Android

An approach is to manually set up the VPN by modifying the VPN settings. By completing configuration data, you can utilize this approach to link your phone to a Vpn connection.

Via the Android phone’s user interface (UI), you may manually activate the VPN. The user interface (UI) is vital for configuring & monitoring the VPN service. Your smartphone system will alert you through the main screen whenever the VPN is operational.

You must open the “Settings” section to set up and use your VPN on an Android phone. Upon reaching settings, follow these steps:

1) Tap “Wireless & Networks” / “Wi-Fi & Internet” from the “Settings” option

2) From there, select “VPN” (based on the device, you may need first to click “More”).

3) Now, locate the “+” symbol in the upper corner of the window or open the “Advanced Options” section by using the icon with three vertical circles.

4) Lastly, fill out your username, passcode, and IP address boxes for your VPN. A VPN service supplier frequently provides this data.

How to Utilize an application to Configure an Android VPN

Downloading VPN software on your smartphone is the right approach if you wish to set up a VPN easily and quickly.

For illustration, it’s effortless to register for an account & sign in to McAfee’s Mobile Security via the Google Play Store, permitting you to begin profiting with comprehensive security.

You can utilize the Android app to establish your VPN upon selecting a service and signing up for a monthly subscription (if necessary). Although the setup procedure can vary considerably based on your VPN service.

Best VPN services for Android

Let’s talk about the best 3 VPN providers available in the market.


ExpressVPN prides itself on its fast connections, robust security, and straightforward user interface. The app features an excellent geolocation picker, unsecured internet detection, and unique features such as a “kill switch” for added security.

In addition, it has a 30-day money-back warranty. Since it is light, it won’t slow down your smartphone when it’s active.

2) NordVPN

The primary reasons NordVPN shines out as the strongest in Appstore are its security and powerful encryption. In addition, because it employs “multi-hop” innovation, it encodes internet traffic across multiple servers.

All connections are transmitted via two distinct ports instead of just one utilizing the “Double VPN” technique for an extra layer of security. Furthermore, any time you connect to the broadband, NordVPN is automatically connected.

A month of “try before you purchase” money-back policy is possible.

3) IPVanish

Considering the flash download speeds plus encryption technologies, IPVanish is among the top Vpn services for Android. A maximum of ten devices can be linked to and streamed simultaneously through the service.

 You can opt to access the web with their VPN service or use “Split Tunneling” functionality to concurrently link to a private and public connection, boosting overall bandwidth. You can also read the guide to share VPN on Android devices.


Your identification and confidential material can be safeguarded, your cell phone details can’t be hijacked, and digital eavesdroppers can’t locate you when a VPN is utilized to surf the web on your Android phone.

So now you understand how to utilize a VPN on an Android phone, you can browse the internet carelessly.

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