Author’s ideas

If an idea is accepted by the pressure of friendly questions and after that the author the idea is the most important confirmation of the correctness of the reverse thrust and, most importantly, of the fact that the author correctness of the reverse course.  And, most importantly, an indication of personal level in the coverage of the topic and readiness to discuss it.

By the way, this is the principle of all professional essay and academic writers. You can buy research papers on such services. In decisively well-designed and framed topics, the competently constructed content of the work at the stage of preparing to write the essay will depend on how well the author reveals posed questions in his work.

The process of preparing and writing an essay can be divided into the following stages:

A. Reflection.

B. Planning.

C. Writing.

D. Revision.


First, the author needs to identify the theme of the essay, turn the style of writing and the type of essay. Before writing the work, it is significant for the author to create in his or her mind a complete picture of the perception of his or her idea by addressing a concrete the topic for his or her essay. Initially, the idea must be thought over carefully.

The idea may not claim to be brilliant. But the originality of the approach, the author’s perception of the ways of solving it, the search for optimal solutions to its implementation in the form of a written work herein lies the creative approach in the development of the theme.

The significant thing is how much it allows you to develop, and perhaps even transform, in the author’s vision and presentation. This being said, external criticism and personal questions that can should be viewed as aid, and the immediate notification of problems as a preparation for the need for in-depth knowledge of the subject.

The author must feel the need to discover the new, unknown, and interesting, which can be found in the process of implementing what has been conceived.

Outside opinions, views on this idea can activate mechanisms and ways of attaining the goals and objectives that are not yet known to the author. Ways of achieving the desired goal. The feelings and questions can show the author new sides of the issue, which he is going to reveal.

Intuitively, the author always preserves the integrity of the constructive idea and the outside view will only be good for him. That is why you should not be afraid of the questions.


Means defining the goal, the main idea, the search for sources of information, familiarization with the literature, working out and writing the plan. At it is very important to plan as much as possible a detailed and complete comprehension of the idea.

The author needs to realize it, which for a long time did not give peace, looking for different for a long time.

He kept asking for different ways to learn, to develop, and improve further. He saw the needed to be publicly available and reserved for the author.

Writing the paper

When indirectly writing a paper, it is necessary to keep in mind the reverse form of it, follow the plan, structure, and style of writing. The quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components:

  • in the output material, which is used in the preparation and writing: notes from literature, lectures, recordings of discussion results, personal reflections and accumulated experience with the problem in question;
  • processing of the available output material its organization, argumentation and arguments;
  • the author’s unmediated argumentation of the stated theses how precisely the author’s indirect argumentation of the stated thesis how well it correlates with the issues raised in the essay and reveals the thesis.


It is of great importance when writing an essay to review its first version.

When writing a draft, the main task is to make argumentation, to refine the basic ideas and arrange them in the desired sequence, accompanied, if necessary, by illustrative materials or supplementary data. Having written the first version, it is useful to return to it in a few hours (a day or two) with a view to reviewing and improving it.

You can read your work to friends, pay attention to their comments. Reviewing means revising the text with an orientation toward quality and efficiency. The quality of the text is composed of four main components: clarity of thought, expressiveness, literacy, and correctness.

A thorough revision of your essay is very difficult for a non-professional to do at home. You can Google “best writing service” and read real reviews about famous essay writing professionals.

Useful tips: mistakes

A tedious long introduction, a foreword.

 It turns out that the author tires the reader with long explanations of the necessity of the review of the topic.

Long phrases, speeches.

Typically, they force the reader to go back to the beginning of his or her work in order to understand the author’s basic idea; short phrases typically short speeches regularly achieve a better effect. It is best when long phrases are combined with short ones. Short ones. It is good to read a speech with a voice, and if you feel the importance of it. It is useful to divide a paragraph into short paragraphs.

Revamping with encyclopedic and scientific terms, explanations, phrases, notes, data.

Incorrect use of such words distracts the reader’s attention, can apply the meaning of the topics, leading to the need to go deeper into understanding.

The subtleties of the vision, the focus of attention to the main idea.

A captivating amount of detail. Particularly unfortunate is when they are already remembered or have no direct relevance to the topic. These things only disturb the reader’s (listener’s) attention from perceiving and accentuating his or her attention. It is necessary to reasonably dispose of the given amount of space.

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