How to stop slow growth on Instagram

On the 6th October 2010, Instagram was launched and since its inception it has grown in popularity with a mind-blowing 1 billion monthly active users. This incredibly high number of users has made Instagram one of the most popular and used social media platforms in the world. This huge reach has made Instagram a popular tool for businesses and branding to use because it expands their business reach and makes it possible to market and engage with their audience and customers.

One thing that sometimes happens in Instagram is that growth slows down. This is completely normal but should be addressed as soon as possible. Not many people have the experience to deal with slowing down of growth so here are a few tips on how to solve slow growth on Instagram:

Misuse of hashtags

Hashtags are very important. When used correctly, they can help you reach new people while you’re still growing your account because they link your photos to targeted communities.  A lot of people are misusing hashtags and make mistakes such as using hashtags that are too big which results in their posts getting buried because there are many posts under that specific hashtag already, resulting in nobody seeing the post. Avoid hashtags with millions of posts in it. These are too big to be seen by your target audience.

Another hashtag tip is to change your hashtag with every post you make. Make sure the hashtag you use is always relevant to your post. There are growth services that could take over your account and choose the best hashtags for you; if that sounds like something that could help, you could try out Growthoid. Also look for hashtags that are popular but not overloaded with millions of posts and upgrade your hashtags at least twice a year. To sum it up, using hashtags are better than not using them.

A saturated niche

Another reason why your Instagram could be experiencing slow growth is because your niche could be saturated meaning there is not enough economic potential. You need to research how many other Instagram accounts are creating the same content as you. If there is a high number of accounts doing the same thing you are doing, giving out the same type of content, your chances of your account growing becomes lower. The aim is to have the least amount of competition as possible so that you have an advantage and can grow your account much faster.

To measure the amount of content creators in your niche you can check the number of posts within a hashtag of the content niche you are analysing. This is not a perfect measure because you cannot know get the exact amount but it is a good method nonetheless.

By far the best method is to create your own unique niche.

Posting frequently

Posting frequently is very important. When you post too little you are easily forgotten by your followers however, posting too much can easily become overwhelming and annoying. These too mistakes can cost you followers but it’s not easy to find a balance. The best Instagram tool to use for analytics is SocialFox. This tool will help you see what times you receive the most engagement.

You should be posting every day. Ideally 2-3 times a day seems to be the most simple method to gain Instagram followers. Make sure to spread your posts out and avoid posting multiple posts at once because you don’t want your followers to get tired of you. You should have them anticipating every new post. Very important is to pay close attention to how many followers you gain and how many you lose every time you post. You want your follower count to increase and not decrease.

Lastly, create a schedule. You want to post at the same time every day, which is when your followers are most active.

Not using CTA’s CTA’s or ‘call to action tells your followers what actions to take next. This can include going to your website, buying your product or simply signing up for a newsletter. If you don’t prompt you, followers, to take the next step, the likelihood of them doing it on their own is very low. In your bio tell users what you do, what topics you focus on, and why they should follow your link. Also, mention your link in your captions and in your stories.

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