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How to turn on Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone.

This post we are going to teach you how to turn on safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 phone step by step. Usually you can pinpoint if your phone issues caused by third party app or software by using this method. This is not difficult to do it, you just have to follow the steps below.

turn on safe mode

How to Turn On Safe Mode

Why need to turn on safe mode? Turn on safe mode will disallow all third party app running on your phone. This will help you find and pinpoint if the third party app causing your phone problem.

  1. Turn of your phone
  2. Press and hold your phone power button until SAMSUNG appear on your screen, release the power button
  3. Immediate after released the power button, please press and hold your Volume button
  4. Continue holding volume button until your phone finish restarting
  5. When the Safe mode appear on the left bottom corner, now you can released your volume button. 
  6. In safe mode, you can uninstall app that are causing issue.

How to Turn Off  Safe Mode

  1. Press and hold on to the power button
  2. Tap Restart –> Restart
  3. After the phone restarted, it will back to normal mode.


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