How to Unlock bootloader of Moto G 3rd Gen

Motorola has done some good changes to their Moto G handset and released their it’s third edition recently, the Moto G 3rd Gen [2015]. Now this device has been powered with 13 Mega pixel of camera in addition to 1 GB extra RAM, now it comes with 2 GB RAM which is now turned out to be major change they brought in it for better performance.

Here we have a dedicated tutorial for Moto G 3rd Gen users, we’ll help you to unlock bootloader of Moto G 3rd Gen in most easiest and convenient way. Whether you want to root, install custom recovery or third-party Rom on this device, the very first step is to unlock its bootloader. And you must be certain that this act will lead to void the warranty of this device and it can’t be undo.

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If you want to unlock bootloader of Motoroal Moto G 3rd Gen, then this method will be most convenient and easy to follow. We’ve made each and every step very clear, so won’t get stuck at any place.

Before you proceed further, read all the prerequisites mentioned below and make sure to prepare your device accordingly.


  • As we said earlier, this act will void your warrant and it can’t be undo. So be sure to do that. You can re-lock it’s bootloader again but warranty will not be honored after it.
  • Most importantly unlocking bootloader will wipe your device completely. Make sure to save all the important data stored under the device memory to some safer place.
  • You’ll need a windows based PC (Laptop or Desktop).

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To perform this act, you’ll have to download following mentioned drivers and utility.

→ Download the drivers for Moto G 3rd Gen from here and install it on your PC. It will ensure that your device gets detected on your PC.

→ Download Small verions of Android sdk tools kit from here( and extract this zip file to your PC.

Now lets move to further steps!

How to Unlock bootloader of Moto G 3rd Gen

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Now press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together for 5-7 seconds and release them. You’ll enter to Fastboot Mode and you’ll see the following screenfastboot mode moto g
  3. Now connect your device to your PC using USB cable.
  4. Now from the extracted folder, Fastboot, look for “Run Me.bat” and double-click on it to run it.  The command prompt window will appear.
  5. Now Type the following command on it,
    fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  6. After that, you’ll see some alpha numeric codes in different lines, just like the below image,Unlock bootloader of Moto G 3rd Gen
  7. Select and copy that code lines using your mouse paste it on notepad in a single line (place all the code in a single line) and remove any space available in it. See the below image to,getunlockdata
  8. Now, visit motorola’s unlock the boot loader site  and sign oin the site with you Gmail Id or Google +.
  9. After you get successfully signed up with this site, you’ll land to “UNLOCK YOUR BOOTLOADER”  page, where all the steps are mentioned to unlock this device and not you’ll need to go to step 6, where you need to enter the code that we’ve got from command prompt.
  10. Paste that code into that box and click on button “Can my device be unlocked?” to see whether your device can be unlocked or not.
  11. Once you get the positive response, scroll down the page and at the bottom, Check I agree and click Request Unlock Key. Then the Unlock key will be sent to your Gmail ID, through which you’ve logged-in to Motorola’s site.
  12. Now  got back to command prompt, and type following:

fastboot oem unlock YOURKEY

Then your device will reboot. That’s all you got to do to unlock the bootloader of Moto G 3rd Gen. If you face any problem while performing this tutorial then let us know so we can help. Here some few faqs that you should know about:


Q. Can I re-lock my device’s booloader again?

Ans. Yes you can, you’ll just need to flash stock firmware on it. Visit our tutorial of for that → How to unbrick Moto G 3rd Gen using Stock firmware

Q. Will it harm my warranty?

Ans. Yes, it will void your warranty.

Q. Will re-locking allow to get it covered under warranty?

Ans. No, once you unlocked the bootloader, you’ll no longer able to get it covered under warranty. “Regardless of whether your device is re-locked, such device is still not covered by the MOTOROLA warranty”, said Motorola.

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  1. Hey. I have Moto g3 (xt1550). I lock my bootloader. And i want to unlock my bootloader again. Is it possible.

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